Home DIY: Joanna Goddard's Chic, Affordable Bedroom Makeover

We're seriously buzzed. Overly caffeinated. Jittery, even. Cue the coffee puns, because we just got an entire pot of inspiration from one of our morning fixes, A Cup of Jo blogger Joanna Goddard. When we heard the stylish scribe was redecorating her bedroom, we knew we had to get in on this fix-up. And, since Jo is one of our internet besties (and we heart her in real life, too), she obliged, letting us into her West Village pad to snap the new sleeping quarters. Of course, we weren't letting her go without some light interrogation questions, and thankfully she can chat as much as we do! The writer—whose legions of fans follow her every word, so get your pens out—gave us the exclusive on everything from her sneaky storage tips, money saving secrets (the makeover was affordable!), and of course, all the kid friendly advice any interior-obsessed mom could want. Cool beans, right? (Can't believe we just said that.)
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"This is a 'before' shot of our bedroom. We liked the nautical feel with the blue walls and the seagull photograph by Corey Arnold, but the room felt a little drab in the winter. Since I work from home, I spend a LOT of time in the bedroom, so we wanted to brighten things up and make it cheerier."

You and your husband are both writers with a young child. And you recently redecorated. How do you make it work in the expensive West Village?
"Our secret to making it work is our good friend Jenny Komenda, who is an incredible interior decorator. She is a genius at finding shabby vintage furniture and, with sanding or a fresh coat of paint, transforming them into beautiful pieces. She also pulls off amazing DIY projects -- like our window shades, duvet cover, and even the tufted headboard! She has definitely made our little old apartment feel like a home."

Photographed by Oh Darling! Photography.
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Is it hard raising a kid in the city? Do you feel like you have enough space?
"When I was pregnant, I was worried about raising a baby in Manhattan, but, so far, I've been surprised by how amazing it has been! The city suddenly feels like Sesame Street — cab drivers smile at our son [Toby, above, with Joanna], doormen tip their hats, cheesemongers give him Parmesan crisps! Funnily enough, having a baby has made New York feel like much more of a small town. Our apartment is pretty tiny, so we sometimes get stir crazy, but we've made it our mission to get outside everyday, no matter how cold it is. It's our winter challenge!"

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"Storage is key in our teeny apartment, so Jenny found this awesome vintage wardrobe for our clothes and shoes. An adorable bonus: She painted the inside with chalkboard paint for our son to draw on! We also bought four wicker bins, where we store baby items and linens, from the Container Store."

Any storage tips for living in NYC?
"The Container Store has been awesome. We have plastic drawers under our beds for shoes and clothes, and we have storage bins in our closets, under the kitchen table, and above bookcases. No space goes unused! We also hang hooks behind every door for coats, bags, and hats. Also, in the summer, we always have a big stoop sale, where we cleanse our apartment and sell everything we haven't really needed. Honestly, it feels really good to get rid of things!"

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"I love when bedrooms feel intimate and personal, so we framed some of our all-time favorite photos--from our England summer vacation, Alex's childhood, and the first moment we saw each other at our wedding (that photo still makes me teary!). We ordered framed prints through Pinhole Press. Every morning, when I'm getting dressed, I look at these heartwarming photos--so much better than an empty wall like before."

Any tips on saving money when you're redecorating?
"Even without fanciest furniture or artsy touches, a house feels warm and welcoming as soon as you hang family photos. We've framed personal snapshots in every room, and it's funny how you instantly feel relaxed when you see photos from childhood or summer vacation. It's nice to be surrounded by memories of playful times and people you love."

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Did you decorate for you and Toby [above]?
"We have big bins from DwellStudio for Toby's toys. During the day, he can spread out as much as he wants to, but at bedtime we put all his toys into the bins in his bedroom, and our living room returns to normal. My husband and I want to feel like grown-ups when we're having a glass of wine at night."

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"These two mid-century modern bedside tables are a handy place for books and glasses of water. We also painted the walls from gray/blue to blush pink, which makes the room feel much warmer. The rugs were Jenny's awesome eBay score--we had them professionally cleaned so they're good as new."

How would you describe your apartment's look?
"Homey. We want everyone to feel comfortable here, so we have blankets on our armchairs, games stacked up on the side tables, and Toby's paintings on our fridge. We want it to be a happy place to come home to at the end of a long day."

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"To make the room feel cheery—especially in the dead of winter—we wanted to create a family frame wall, featuring a mix of childhood photos and recent snapshots. The small red frame mirrors the red stripe on the duvet cover. We also have a vintage Campaign-style dresser (Alex called dibs on it, since it's so manly:))."

What were your inspirations when decorating?
"To fend off the winter blues, I wanted our bedroom to feel bright and cheerful, even on a gray February day. We asked Jenny to bring in white and primary colors. My favorite touch is the yellow trim on the window shades. Feels like a pop of sunshine!"

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What are your favorite things to do in the West Village?
My husband Alex and I love going to dinner at 'ino or Cafe Cluny or the rad new Meatball Shop, and I like shopping at Steven Alan and the new NARS store (they're so friendly!). We sometimes treat ourselves to cheap massages at QQ Nails. On weekends, our son Toby likes the new children's art museum, especially their amazing ball pond.

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"Our bed is my favorite place in our house. We splurged on a comfy mattress—since you spend a third of your life in bed, right?—and Jenny made the tufted headboard herself! Our dear friend Max Wanger took this photo of water while on the ferry from Martha's Vineyard, and the pillow is made with Josef Frank fabric from Just Scandinavian. Those Swedish fabrics are just so bright and fabulous. Our duvet cover was inspired by J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyon's gorgeous Olatz bedding. We couldn't afford the real deal (just the duvet cover is more than $1000!). So, Jenny saved the day with another DIY project, and sewed a red stripe onto a Dwell duvet cover. We feel so lucky to be able to collaborate with her!"

What's the strangest bed you've ever slept in?
"Well, I've fallen asleep on the beach, in bunk beds at my grandparents' house, a four-poster bed in a English bed & breakfast... but the most uncomfortable bed I ever slept in was a tent in Yellowstone. My family was camping there one summer, and my dad had forgotten to pack all the mats, so, every night, we had to take turns sleeping without one. Even through your sleeping bag, you could feel every pebble on the ground beneath you. When it was my brother's night to sleep without a mat, he opted instead to sleep on the *roof* of our minivan. He lay on his back, snoring away, all night. He looked like he was out of a cartoon. Seeing him lying there really freaked out the people walking to and from the campsite bathroom!"

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What's your houseware dream item?
"A hot tub!!!!!!!! Holla!!!!!"

What are some of your favorite home stores in the city?
"John Derian is my all-time favorite. His decoupage plates and paperweights are all over our bookshelves."

Photographed by Oh Darling! Photography.