Style Syllabus: Jewelry Splurges That'll Last Way Past College

Ahhhh, the frustrations of being a student: You want to drink wine and discuss intellectual idiosyncrasies, but you’re stuck in the horribly lit library hunched over your laptop with a cup of lukewarm coffee. You want to attend a soiree worthy of your favorite cocktail dress, but instead you keep getting keg beer spilt on your favorite jeans. You want to invest in a stand-out accessory, but your work/study job doesn’t exactly pay enough for that bling you feel you deserve.
That’s where you’re wrong. Well, half wrong. Maybe you can’t splurge on a piece of jewelry that costs more than a month’s rent (yet), but we curated a list of five lovely pieces that you’ll love forever, which won’t condemn you to everlasting debt. We’re confident this classic collection will stand the test of time, and could be your first (of many) good style investments.
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We see an ancient queen sporting this sturdy but delicate bracelet.

Lilian Crowe Flexion Bracelet, $120, available at Lillian Crowe.
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Unexpected, maybe, but the skull is classic rock 'n' roll, but refined, thanks to those gems.

Iosselliani Skull Earrings, $150, available at Boutique1.
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Nothing says, "I love myself" like a dainty diamond ring.

Jennifer Meyer Thin Gold Band with Bezel Set Diamond, $175, available at Ylang23.
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A charming necklace to wear every day, forever.

Isabel Marant Change Everything Necklace, $80, available at La Garconne.
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This is a serious rock that really makes a statement.

Chan Luu Silver Lapis Lazuli Ring, $160, available at Net-a-Porter.