Jewelry Stalking: The Coolest Jewelry Pics From The Streets Of L.A.

Clothes may make the outfit, but nothing adds a little extra oomph quite like some gleaming, eye-popping accessories. Maybe your obsession is bold bracelets, or you can’t get enough crazy-cool necklaces in your repertoire. Whatever your weakness, the stylish citizens of SoCal definitely know how to excess-orize with the best of ‘em. So, we asked our intrepid street photog, Bess Byers, to grab her trusty camera and hit the streets of the Southland to snap all the best baubles that can elevate even the most humdrum ensemble. We've got all the best accessories represented here, including the most excellent earrings, statement-making necklaces, and bracelets galore to keep your wrists, necks, and ears jingling all season.
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Name: Kristen Turner
Occupation: Blogger
Made By: Me for Glitter ‘n Glue
Inspiration: Made for the 4th of July as a “statement summer necklace”
Rules for Accessorizing: “Go big or go home.”
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Name: Ariana Cabral
Occupation: Student/Blogger
Made By: (from top to bottom) Cookie Lee, Vintage, purchased in Mexico, Forever 21
Inspiration: Anything Boho
Rules for Accessorizing: “There are no rules until it gets heavy.”
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Name: Chanelle Laurence
Occupation: Owner of Penelope’s Vintage
Made By: Dennis Kaping
Inspiration: Thread Show L.A.
Rules for Accessorizing: “I’m a big believer in earrings or necklace, not both.”
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Name: Preeti Scheer
Occupation: Marketing and Advertising
Made By: Rolex
Inspiration: Vogue, US tabloids
Rules for Accessorizing: “Focus. Have one big statement piece.”
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Name: Emma Woo
Occupation: Student
Made By: H&M, Emi-Jay Hair Tie
Inspiration: Lookbook, fashion blogs
Rules for Accessorizing: “It’s an expression of you, an extension of your self and style.”
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Name: Evelyn Floyd
Occupation: Director of Marketing and Promotions
Made By: Forever 21
Inspiration: Solange Knowles, Rihanna, Refinery29, Cupcakes and Cashmere
Rules for Accessorizing: “I always take off one thing before I leave the house.”
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Name: Jenny Dayco
Occupation: Jewelry Designer
Made By: Jenny Dayco
Inspiration: Historical figures, classic film, Cleopatra, Sophia Loren
Rules for Accessorizing: “It’s a combination of ‘wear whatever you want’ but still looking chic.”
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Name: Buck Smodic
Occupation: Actor
Made By: Myself or personal connections over the years
Inspiration: Inside myself, feelings
Rules for Accessorizing: “A weird rule. I’m allergic to metal so I can only wear sterling.”
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Name: Aneeka Sandher
Occupation: Student
Made By: A market in London
Inspiration: Living in London, vintage
Rules for Accessorizing: “Necklaces—never leave home without a long necklace.”
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Name: Monica Cabbler
Occupation: Athlete and Media Personality
Made By: Arden B.
Inspiration: Doing my own thing, boutique shopping based on what I have
Rules for Accessorizing: “Wear colors that pop and have attitude.”