10 Pretty Solutions To Organize Your Jewelry Stash

Your jewelry is the type of sentimental treasure that provides equally cool visuals as a fashion statement and a home decor accent. Besides your underwear, it's the only part of your wardrobe that's completely seasonless — and we'll hazard it looks a little nicer on your nightstand than your skivvies would.
Keeping your baubles in plain sight not only helps with your daily deliberations on accessorizing, it's also a gorgeous showcase that sets the scene for your bedroom. Whether your favorite pieces came from an heirloom collection or a fast-fashion chain, it's all about having the right presentation — so plastic drawer organizers just won't do.
Ahead, we found 10 creative and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions that will make tangled knickknicks a thing of the past.
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Inspired by the snowy mountaintops of Wales, these minimalist ring cones let your bling do all the sparkling.
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It's time to find a nicer home for your trinkets than a recycled chocolate box. This stylish metal jewelry cube can be passed on for generations.
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Copper pipes make a surprisingly nice display for your necklaces and bracelets.
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How cute would this plate be as a vessel for your pearl necklaces?
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This twee jewelry stand looks right at home in a hip indie boutique.
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With your most swoon-worthy gems, just a simple glass case will do.
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This marble serving tray is not just for afternoon treats; your tchotchkes will look pretty fancy on it, too.
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Cake stands are an interesting way to play up the larger pieces in your collection.
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Jewelry storage or not, this half-lotus stand makes a funky decorative statement.
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Imagine draping your necklaces in concentric circles by size, according to the age rings on this wooden platter.