Travel With These 10 Things & Pack Jet Lag Away For Good

Illustrated by Madelyn Somers.
Our circadian rhythms get all out of whack when we travel through time zones, which makes traversing oceans and continents — enriching and enjoyable as it is — pretty exhausting. When you land at your destination, or back at home, jet lag, travel fatigue, bloating, tension, disorientation, irritation, dehydration, and sleeplessness all come together in the perfect storm of vacation misery. Ugh.
And look, we all deal with long airplane rides in different ways. Some of us are angelic and avoid salty foods, caffeine, and alcohol. Others add a melatonin pill into the mix to help with shuteye. Many go for the one-two punch of prescription sleep aids followed by strong coffee. Others, those of us who shall remain nameless, guzzle wine, pop on an eye mask, and pray for the best. Before you reach for the usual suspects on your next red eye, consider the all-natural alternatives ahead — they're our little secrets for landing refreshed.
If you've packed any of the aromatherapy, vitamin, floral, or homeopathic remedies gathered here, you can put your focus back on the fun to be had while away. Which, to us, feels like a much better use of your vacation days than staving off headaches with your hotel room's blackout shades pulled.
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These multifunctional Japanese organic, argan-based oils are perfect for hydrating dry, cracked cuticles without greasy residue. And, these compact rollers lend an aromatherapy experience with relaxing scents of lavender, vanilla, and orange. They hydrate lips, too — that's carry-on approved multi-tasking.

Uka Nail Oils, $33-36, available at Peach And Lily.
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Chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color, has been harnessed in this energy-boosting herbal remedy. It increases your blood’s capacity to grab and hold oxygen and build red blood cells. To help acclimate to higher altitudes, take ChlorOxygen two weeks prior to flying. The sweet, grassy liquid also comes in gels.

ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate, $13-25, available at Herbs, Etc.
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Cedar and birch oils soothe what aches you, while listea (part of the evergreen family) helps regulate your clock, and the lemon scent is just a nice touch. Roll a small amount on your temples, behind your neck, or on your pillow. Once you’re on the ground, use it as a relaxing bath oil.

H.Gillerman Organics Travel Remedy, $48, available at H. Gillerman Organics.
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A selection of floral-based remedies, which come in trios of oils and mists, encourage relaxation and sleep, or give the boost you need to face your tour-packed itinerary. Pure Energy with pomegranate flower, jade succulent, red clover, yarrow, and pink lotus boosts your body's natural energy and immunity. Quiet Mind helps induce sleep early by dissolving tension and mental chatter.

Lotus Wei Flower Elixir, $35-40, available at Lotus Wei.
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Celebrity trainer David Kirsch's sugar- and caffeine-free effervescent drink helps you beat bloating and salty airplane-food cravings until you’re safe on the ground and able to nab a healthy meal. Loaded with vitamins, herbs, and minerals — like mood-boosting vitamin B6 — this is one way to get your serotonin soaring. Just add to your water and sip for a stress-busting fix.

David Kirsch Wellness 14-Day Supply Of Calming Bubbles, $40, available at David Kirsch Wellness.
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No matter what your skin type on the ground, it'll be robbed of moisture in the dry, recycled airplane air. Epicuren, a favorite of Kate Hudson’s, has a TSA-approved Quench pack for dry skin, which includes an apricot cream cleanser, refining scrub, nutrient-rich mist, and enzyme moisturizer. If you can figure out how to wash your face in that 5-inch sink, you'll have refreshed skin from takeoff to landing.

Epicuren Simple Solution Kit, $132, available at Epicuren.
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A doctor-formulated homeopathic remedy, the easy, carry-on Jet Lag by Lidell is an easy fix. Active ingredients, like Indian Berry, provide comfort and stave off swelling, ease chills, and prevent confusion. Use two sprays under your tongue at your departure and then every two hours on the flight.

Lidell Laboratories Jet Lag Remedy, $13.95, available at Lidell Laboratories.
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Acure Organics produces two pure, restorative toners that hydrate without drying out your skin. Ingredients like rose and chamomile soothe, calm, and restore the skin’s own protective layer. And calendula calms pores if you're starting your trip breakout prone.

Acure Hydrating Toner, $15.99, available at Acure.
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Creating darkness while you sleep is a priority. This stylish, well-fitting feline eyeshade by Catbird will certainly help you catch your Zs. The design has a cute black satin front with a soft polka-dot cotton back and is perfect to block the harsh lights of the plane (or airport terminal). Add a pair of earplugs to really float off to dreamland.

Catbird Cat Eye Mask, $24, available at Catbird.
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Treat your airline-issue pillow with a splash of This Works Deep Pillow Spray, a formulated therapeutic light mist with a blend of natural, essential oils, like calming lavender, tranquil vetiver, and mellow chamomile. Then, count sheep until your mind zones into prime relaxation time.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $29, available at SPACE.NK.Apothecary.