T-Shirt Time! This DIY Turns Your Old Tees Into A Nautical-Cool Necklace

When it comes to DIY projects, we're all about re-envisioning even the simplest of supplies and turning them into something completely unrecognizable, and more importantly, something you'd actually want to wear. Naturally, we were thrilled when Grace Atwood, the blogger behind Stripes + Sequins, shared with us a brilliant way to turn those only-suitable-for-bed T-shirts into a rad fabric necklace.
This weekly crafting pro filled us in on her inspiration for the project:
"When I first saw these jersey necklaces by Necklush, I freaked out a little bit. Not only are the necklaces super cool and easy to wear, but they make for a great DIY project. With a little bit of patience and creativity, you can easily upcycle your old T- shirts into one (or a few) of these pretty neck pieces. In a few hours, I whipped up three of them…. Follow the tutorial and you’ll be able to do the same!"
What's the harm in giving this easy DIY a try? You were going to toss those old tees anyway, right?
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Here's What You'll Need:
One old T-shirt, cut into 12 strips, each about 1” wide.
One large lobster clasp.
Two large jump rings.
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Step 1: Separate your strips of cotton into two bundles of six strips. Form a loop (as illustrated above). This is the first step in creating a sailor knot.
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Step 2: Take your second bundle of strips and arrange it as shown above.
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Step 3: Weave the second bundle of strips over and under the first as illustrated above.
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Step 4: Weave over/under one more time. You’ve now completed the sailor knot. (If you get tripped up on steps one to four, I highly recommend this sailor knot tutorial.)
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Step 5: Pull your knot tightly from both sides (ensuring that you have the same amount of material left on each side) and your knot will look like this. You have successfully formed the center of the necklace.
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Step 6: Once your knot is in good shape, flip it to the side and separate the strands into four little bundles of three strands, as shown above.
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Step 7: Take the far right bundle of strands and cross it over, bringing it to the left side.
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Step 8: Repeat this on the left side, taking the far left bundle and crossing it over to the right side. You are essentially forming a fishtail braid.
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Step 9: Continue to crisscross. A pattern will emerge.
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Step 10: Continue the crisscross braid until you’ve reached the end of the fabric/your desired length.
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Step 11: Take one of the strands, wrap it around the braid, and firmly knot.
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Step 12: Take another one of the strands, and slide on a jump ring.
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Step 13: Firmly cross this strand over and tie another knot, so that the jump ring is now on a loop of cotton.
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Step 14: Cut all of the ends off, leaving just one strand.
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Step 15: Wrap the one strand of cotton around and around, covering up the cut ends and knots from step 11 and step 13.
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Step 16: Tuck the ends of this last strand back through the braid.
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Step 17: Repeat steps six to 16 over on the opposite side of the knot.
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Step 18: Add a clasp to one side and...
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Your necklace is complete!