16 Surprising Beauty Buys You Can Find At J.Crew

J.Crew isn't a stranger to the beauty game. They've collaborated with brands in the past and the J.Crew model glow is a legit, covetable look, on par with Free People hair. You can't say that for a lot of catalogs. But, did you know that Jenna Lyons and crew also have a pretty impressive stash of goodies stocked in store and online that span far beyond cashmere sweaters and chinos?

The fashion brand has significantly expanded their selection — and as a result, their consumer — to include a wide range of some of our favorite beauty brands. From Bite to Sachajuan, these are some major must-have beauty buys. Just keep in mind that a majority of the products are only available online. Fine by us, it's easier to purchase, and eliminates the devastation of trekking to the shop, only to find your item of choice sold out. Click through to check out the products you'll soon be filling your shopping cart up with.
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Rumor has it, once you're in possession of a Mason Pearson brush, your life and hair will never be the same again. Meaning, it'll be at peak smoothness. The price is pretty hefty but, if the rave reviews we've read on other sites are any indication, it's worth the money.
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These square-shaped exfoliating pads are like mini peels for your face, that also happen to leave you with a sun-kissed glow — and come in at a quarter of the price.
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If you're thinking about hopping on the no-poo wave, this product is a great introduction. The creamy, no-lather product is infused with aloe, and all of the essential oils to help keep your mane healthy and clean — and it truly does work for ALL hair types. J.Crew just so happens to be one of the few e-commerce retailers to carry this magic potion.
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You can't really go wrong with lavender and now you can carry the therapeutic scent around with you. Toss these oil-soaked towelettes in your bag and have them on-hand for removing makeup, or just for a quick hand cleanse.
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As Jenna Lyons' go-to makeup man, Troi Ollivierre's line of lipsticks will help you to fulfill that lifelong dream — or at least bring you one-step closer to becoming a J.Crew model. The texture is super light and the shades give the perfect pop of color.
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Who needs flattering lighting when you've got this illuminator under your belt? It's formulated with green tea and ginseng extracts and makes you look instantly more awake — even if you're recovering from an all-night bender.
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We all know sunscreen is an absolute MUST in the summer, and this oil-free, fast absorbing, and good for your skin product from Supergoop! is pretty much the holy-grail essential skincare.
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Yes, don't be fooled, that SPF sentiment also spills over to your lips! They're exposed to the sun, right? That means they, too, are susceptible to damage. Swipe on some of this tinted lip conditioner from Australian beauty brand Mecca Cosmetica. It's infused with goodies like shea butter, pomegranate seed oil, and — the star of the show — SPF 25.
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Coming to you just in time for summer, pick up this Stockholm-based brand's spray to help give your hair that just-came-from-the-beach look, even if you're just sitting in front of a computer at work.
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We (and about 90% of the beauty industry) have already dubbed RMS' living luminizer as a must-have cult classic, so it's no surprise that we're also obsessed with the concealer from them. Made from essential oils and organic coconut, it helps to hide blemishes while "uncovering" a natural glow.
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It's no secret we're suckers for cutely-packaged products. Even better? One that actually delivers. Made in France, the delicate scent of this rose hand lotion is as nourishing as it is fragrant — and it won't leave your hands greasy or oily.
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This particular perfume was created for J.Crew and inspired by the first all-female modern art show in the U.S., Exhibition by 31 Women. It includes hints of plum, Bulgarian rose, and patchouli, and is for all of the avant-garde ladies out there.
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Although we're pretty hesitant to recommend makeup wipes as a primary cleanser, we also understand that sometimes you don't have time for a more thorough cleanse. In those (hopefully, rare) cases, reach for these makeup-remover pads which will help to get rid of the most stubborn makeup with their nutrient-rich plant oils and rosewater.
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Who says statement makeup can't be done in the summer? Pick up these shimmery shadows from Stila, they go on like a cream and dry as a powder. The metallic finish will make you the coolest girl at any and every festival you attend.
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Bite is quickly climbing the ranks into our favorite beauty brand spot. We're especially obsessing over this lip creme, which has a great color pay off and is made with organic ingredients. This particular one was created exclusively for J.Crew and we can't wait to get our hands (and lips) on it.
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If you're stuck in the office all summer, or don't have the luxury of affording a getaway, feel free to fake it with this bronzing mousse which comes from tanning expert James Read.
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