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This Collection Epitomizes The New Los Angeles

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    Photo: Courtesy of Jasmin Shokrian.



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    L.A. tends to get a bad rap. Sure, the traffic can be horrendous. And, yes, you can easily find a fair share of shallow, celebrity-obsessed individuals. But, this isn't the whole truth — in fact, it's not even close. For some time now, L.A's been having what we can only describe as a renaissance. Local artists are being recognized and supported for their incredible work, communities are really coming together and, well, communicating. And, the rest of the world is definitely taking note.

    This rebirth is exactly what designer Jasmin Shokrian hopes to showcase in her new, Spring '14 collection. "I would describe it as an exploration of what I think represents a Los Angeles lifestyle from the perspective of someone who lives here," says Shokrian. "This collection is based on the current fascination surrounding L.A. and the growing utopian fantasy surrounding the lifestyle. A few years back L.A. was considered the most distasteful of cities. Now everyone, even Parisians, want to live here."

    The result is a range of perfectly tailored classic pieces, that manage to marry striking and subtle. Like L.A., you can rely on these pieces, but, you'll never grow tired of them. Click ahead to see our favorites from the collection.

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