Jane Austen's 10 BEST Movies (In Honor Of Her Birthday)

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    If dreams really came true and life worked exactly the way we wanted, Jane Austen would still be alive today, and celebrating her 238th birthday. Instead, our beloved novelist died much, much younger, at 41. And so, we were never given the opportunity to meet her, befriend her, and spend hours chatting about gender politics, next-wave feminism, free indirect discourse, the allure of pulp gothic novels, and the difficulties of modern dating (we are 100% positive she would have been on board with Spinster Chic).

    Life is just so difficult sometimes.

    But, in honor of Austen's 238th, we're offering up a little present of sorts, anyway. Ahead, an entirely subjective hit list of her very best movies. We're including direct adaptations of her novels, looser interpretations, and some Austen-inspired works, for good measure. Even one biopic (albeit begrudgingly). So, click through, marvel at the perfection that is Mr. Darcy, and get thee to the nearest copy of her collected works, stat (don't worry, they're all out of copyright and free to download...pretty much everywhere).

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