It's Madge-Ic! A New Album Has Us Tracking Madonna's Many Faces

Admit it: Somewhere along the line in your fashion-obsessed life, you spent a few hours Vogue-ing in the mirror and trying to decide if your hot-pink bustier and lace gloves were a bit "much" for afternoon band practice. But with Madonna's latest and greatest hits album Celebrations dropping into our ever-grateful lives today, we couldn't help but take a few hours to properly pay homage to the world's hottest 50-year-old...ever. Whether she's the laid-back earth mum or Marc's latest Vuitton goddess, Madonna's many forms continue to inspire us. Herein are our picks of Madge personas. Seriously, can this Kabbalah mom rock a leotard or what?
1. Girly-Grunge (1983-84)
It all started with fishnets, bracelets, big hair, and blue shadow. Back then, the emerging mistress of club-kid grunge floored us with her piled-on, lacey getups and giant bow headbands. From "Lucky Star" to Desperately Seeking Susan (those studded boots...damn!) this after-dark renegade look nearly feels fresh today.
Above, from left: image from The Boston Globe; image from Madonnalicious; image from Madonnalicious.
2. The Material Girl (1985)
The first swing of the pendulum came when Madge ditched the scrappy-chic look for something way more Hollywood. Here, Madonna revealed her ultra glamorous side by sporting some satiny prom queen dresses and a super styled blonde coif. Talk about get rich quick!
Above, from left: Photo from Absolute Madonna; image from Madonnalicious; image from Madonnalicious.
3. More Blonde Ambition (1990-91)
"The Blonde Ambition" tour saw Madge putting her real-life fashion passions on stage. Costumes for this tour were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and featured a variety of couture undergarments, including THAT cone bra.
Above, from left: image from Madonna Gallery; image from Madonnalicious; image from Madonnalicious.
4. Dick Tracy Glam (1990)
In 1990, Madonna starred in Dick Tracy alongside legendary lady's man Warren Beatty (remember he also made that cameo as her awkward real-life man-friend in Truth or Dare). In a case of life imitating art, Madonna was snapped in gender-bending man-tailored suits and alternatively feminine 1920s gowns. We love!
Above, from left: image from Daily Mail UK; image from Absolute Madonna; image from Madonna Gallery.
5. A Lot Erotic (1992)
Taking a cue from the corset, the Madonna of the early '90s became a bit more risqué. This was the era of role-play, leather, bondage, and the much talked-about release of Sex, a book she masterminded with photographer Steven Meisel.
Above, from left: image from The Maranista; image from People; image from Madonnalicious.
6. Evita-Chic (1997)
Madge has definitely taken some scrapes for her acting, but no one can deny that she was nothing short of amazing in 1997's Evita. Who else could go from nipple tassels to 1940s chic in the blink of an eye?!
Above, from left: image from Madonnalicious; image from Madonnalicious; image from Madonnalicious.
7. Gothic Earth Mother (1999-2000)
Following the birth of daughter Lourdes was a brief and well-noted flirtation with all things spiritual. The new mum combined henna hands, Indian saris, and gothic dresses, and, yes, the world followed suit.
Above, from left: image from Sympatico; image from Madonnalicious; image from Madonnalicious.
8. American Cowgirl (2001-2001)
Sometimes you just can't question the queen, and if Madonna tells you it's cool to be a cowgirl then it probably is. Suddenly we found ourselves giving in to a desperate need for old Levi's, our boyfriend's Western shirt, and some sweet beat-up cowboy boots.
Above, from left: image from The Fashion Guru; image from Absolute Madonna.
9. Leotard Mania (mid-2000s)
Now, if you had such a killer physique in your 40s after having two kids, you might want to prance around in a tiny piece of Lycra, too. It's actually amazing how many times a spangly one-piece has popped up in Madonna's wardrobe, but what we love most is how she always manages to combine elements from her favorite past looks. Or are they our favorite past looks?
Above, from left: image from People; image from Hitz Only; image from Madonnalicious.
10. Red Carpet Madge
Cut to now, and the hailing goddess of reinvention has certainly grown into her designer duds. Starring in a campaign for Louis Vuitton and sporting some serious Balmain in her newest clip, Madonna still has her finger directly on the fashion pulse.
Above, from left: image from Fashion Indie; image from Nitrolicious; image from The UK Telegraph.

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