A History Of It Girls, Internet Edition

The term "It Girl" gets bandied about pretty frequently these days. But, we think there are a limited few ladies who've actually been the life of every party to truly earn "It." It's a quality that comes from within, not something that can be labeled or mastered with practice. And, it's this exact X factor that elevates a good dresser to a style star, a blogger to dot-com royalty, and a party girl to "the one to watch" in the highly sought-after digital amphitheater.
So, we thought we'd make a flip-book of familiar faces to connect the dots on this group of ladies we've searched, clicked, and "Liked" for the past few years. Consider this an online ode to our very real-life girl crushes.
Click through and see which of these 15 dot-com darlings you heart most.
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Name: Tinsley Mortimer
Profession: Socialite, author, philanthropist
How you know her: Mortimer made headlines (and much social buzz) with her marriage to (and divorce from) wealth manager Topper Mortimer, her CW reality show High Society, and of course, her bevy of bold dresses that she still sports to galas and events. In the years to follow her scandalous divorce and show, she took a small hiatus from the public eye and then started staging "a comeback" with both a novel (Southern Charm) and a handbag line.
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Name: Laura Hollis a.k.a. Agyness Deyn
Profession: Model, actress
How you know her: The face of high-fashion campaigns like Burberry and Shiseido, Deyn rose to digital fame because of her downtown personal style that backed up her high-fashion pics. Now some years later — but still as striking as ever — It Brit Deyn has moved from NY to L.A. to pursue acting and has already worked with Tilda Swinton on a short film.
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Name: Peaches Geldof
Profession: Writer, journalist
How you know her: The Nylon beloved web-show host and journalist from across the pond was born into a punk-rock family and had the social swagger to live up to her famous last name. Though she had her fair share of partying days in NYC, running in high-profile circles and attending fashion shows both as a guest and as a fashion writer and broadcaster, things have since settled down for the multi-talented mother. As is the case with a few girls women on this list, Geldof has headed west to L.A., where she is now married to Tom Cohen and has two sons, the youngest of which was born in April.
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Name: Cory Kennedy-Levin
Profession: Model, DJ, actress
How you know her: The once party-girl muse of The Cobrasnake's Mark Hunter inspired Nylon shoots, music videos, and magazine covers for the better part of the mid-aughts. An L.A.-to-NYC transplant, the introverted bedhead blonde is now on the straight and narrow. But, you can still spot her "on the scene" sporting her own blend of comfy, roughed-up looks — and of course, toting some killer tunes on the tables to match.
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Name: Becka Diamond
Profession: DJ
How you know her: Becka's been making mean-mugging look good for some years now, and somehow, her knowing scowl doesn't seem to offend. She's been making the rounds in Williamsburg and Fashion Week alike, mostly noted for her copy-worthy style. The smize, plus bleach-blond hair, plus all-black ensembles make for a pretty consistent New York look, despite her L.A. (and brunette!) roots.
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Name: Leigh Lezark
Profession: DJ
How you know her: A small, early-to-mid '00s party called "The Misshapes" grew to mass ("underground" appeal), with revelers dancing and writhing all the while to the DJ trio of the same name — and Ms. Lezark was at the helm of it all. Today, she is still very much a sought-after DJ and model, having just dyed her jet-black hair a Jess Stam blonde. Always smizing and dressed to kill, you can find her front row at fashion shows and behind many a great beat.
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Name: Alexa Chung
Profession: Model, DJ
How you know her: The one-time MTV show host is not just her own It Girl force, she's basically an adjective that stands for "prim-tomboy dressing that looks good on everyone." There's just an ease about her that draws in fashion fans and snappy photographers alike. And, whether it's DJing a fashion party, co-designing for Maje, or making headlines with suspected boyfriends (the latest is a rumored Jared Leto), it's obvious this Brit babe isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
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Name: Julia Frakes
Profession: Blogger, writer, model
How you know her: The whimsically styled blogger, writer, and model has honed a web voice since the ripe age of 17 — and the world has listened. Not only is she daring in her verbiage but the creative clothing choices are impressive, too. Yes, it's been a few months since young bunny has spoken (at least, you know, on the web) but we bet as soon as she finishes school in Scranton, she'll have plenty more to say.
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Name: Jen Brill
Profession: Creative consultant
How you know her: The native New Yorker with ever-red lips has been a divining rod for downtown cool for years (you know, since she kind of knows the city and all) and her knack for style has not faded. Aside from being a creative consultant, Brill's also a photo pro (once agent), Chanel ambassador, and professional collaborator behind those killer Cole Haan shoes we can't get enough of.
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Name: Rumi Neely
Profession: Blogger
How you know her: Neely's Fashion Toast kind of invented the blogger poses/boyfriend photographer combo. She's got an eye for effortless outfits that also have edge and a way of making her pics look candid, despite their well-thought-out aesthetic. She rules the L.A. scene but frequents NY to visit her BFF Bryan Boy — typically packing her signature all black-and-white looks all the while.
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Name: Harley Viera-Newton
Profession: DJ
How you know her: Harley and DJ bud Cassie Coane have been stars in the fashion and party scene with their unique blend of downtown cool, covetable style, and easy-to-listen (and dance!) to mixes. Harley's kinda the girl you wanna hang with at the party and she has the vintage and designer closet to match that envy. NYU grad, London-born, L.A.-raised, and roc-nation represented? Yeah, we'd say that's it. P.S. She's also a pro-fly fisherwoman.
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Name: Tavi Gevinson
Profession: Blogger, editor-in-chief, Rookie Mag
How you know her: The girl started blogging when she was 11 and hasn't stopped churning out thoughtful, relatable content with a feminist twist. She's outspoken, she's got her own aesthetic, she has had her own Ted Talk, and hey, she sat next to Anna Wintour at a fashion show before she even took the SATs.
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Name: Leandra Medine
Profession: Blogger, author
How you know her: You know her and love her as the witty blogger behind the Man Repeller, the site that embraces off-putting fashion. It shocked the web world when the self-proclaimed repeller got married, but that didn't stop her swarm of fans (and yep, those street-style flashes) from following her (literally) and on her many social outlets. Her forthcoming book of essays chronicles her style progression, which you should pick up if you're interested in debunking the formula for making it huge in the biz before you hit your 30s.
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Name: Lily Kwong
Profession: Writer, social entrepreneur, model
Why you might know her: Yes, Lily Kwong may have one famous designer cousin (hint: Altuzarra), but it's her prim-with-a-twist personal style and model looks that earned her It Girl status. Attending designer dinners and benefits in brightly colored dresses with the bubbly personality and genuine curiosity of a recent grad (she studied sociology and urban studies at Columbia University), Kwong can often be spotted in campaigns, street-style roundups, and on Vogue's Top 10 Best Dressed list.
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Name: Hannah Bronfman
Profession: Social entrepreneur, DJ, app developer
How you know her: Bronfman's fun-loving style and personality have been translated in collabs with designer bud Kaelen, as well as many best dressed looks, and high-profile DJ gigs. Her music tycoon dad and singer sis-in-law (MIA) round out a notable family clan, while live-in boyfriend, and sometimes co-DJ, Brendan Fallis is often on the arm of this born-and-bred New Yorker, Beautified founder, and restaurateur. Right at home at fashion shows, music festivals, and after-hours events, Hannah's multi-faceted career is just taking off — at rocket-ship speed.