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Is This NYC's Funniest Twitterer?

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    They make for a cute, very non-sexual pairing—the jewelry designer who blings out Blake Lively and Emma Watson and the affable Asian photographer who's making flashbulbs at NYC fashion parties and gay clubs, but, combined, Fenton/Fallon's Dana Lorenz and Hanuk Hanuk could capture any dude they want with their off-the-walls, peeing-in-your-pants senses of humor. So, really, it made a hell of a lot of sense to ask the funniest people in the room to join forces for you guys—we asked Lorenz to curate a selection of Hanuk Hanuk's ridiculous tweets, which if you don't follow him, are ten times more hilarious than Kristen Wiig's roomate in Bridesmaids. Dana got all of our top gems, a potent stream of consciousness that's weird, sexual, and kinky in the best possible way. Oh, and her Twitter account ain't to shabby either...

    Click through to see Dana's picks for Hanuk Hanuk's 11 most LOL-worthy tweets.

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