Irina Sports Fat Elvis Hair in Metal Magazine

The token leather jacket, the careless plume of second hand smoke, an open-mouth moment of melodious vocals frozen in time... These are the key words that merge to spell rockstar. And if rock-n-roll is on the menu, what more worthy muse to channel than Elvis Presley himself? Nico captures traces of The King via Irina Lazareanu in Metal Magazine #18, with so-bad-it's-good Fat Elvis hair that makes this editorial one to linger on. In thigh highs, high heels, and a studded mini-skirt by Karl Lagerfeld, she's ready to woo her fan club. But the real star of this editorial is the pompadour--kinda makes a girl re-think the bombshell perms and pretty up-do's she was debating over for New Year's Eve! That ain't tactics, honey--that's just a killer hair-do!

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