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Intuitive Skin Care: How To Listen To Your Face

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    The concept of listening to your skin sounds odd, I know. Along the same lines as trusting your intuition and "paying attention to your little voice," it's advice that can incite more than a few eye rolls. But, as annoying as that advice is, it makes your skin-care routine incredibly easy, and it might just give you the best skin of your life.

    Once you learn how to read the signs, just giving your skin what it needs makes taking care of it easier and a bit more fun. My routine has a smaller arsenal of products and very few rules. Other than the usual (washing my face at night, putting on sunscreen and night cream, a religious fervor for eye cream...), I honestly don't think about my skin very often anymore. And, I've never been happier or looked better.

    Listening to the needs of your skin is extremely simple and will save you loads of money, time, and stress if you know how to read the signs and deliver the goods. The skin cues in the following slides won't necessarily make you the Face Whisperer, but it might end the war between you and your skin issues once and for all. Ready to listen in for better skin? Let's do this...

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