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"Never Have I Ever": How To Pack For An International Trip

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    Even though we like to think we’ve been there and done that, there are certain life events that even our most experienced editors have yet to encounter. In this, our ultimate style guide was born. We’ve enlisted the help of a few R29ers to bring you useful shopping tips that’ll prep your closet for every major milestone, so you’re never left saying, “What do I wear?”

    "Roman Holiday, Amélie, The Lizzie McGuire Movie. (Yep, I went there). Let’s just say that I’ve seen my fair share of Europe — in all its cinematic glory. But, unlike most of my colleagues, I’ve never experienced real-deal Paris, Milan, or Barcelona. While most of my college class opted to study abroad during junior-year spring semester, I stayed behind in NYC for the internship opportunity that a million girls would kill for: Vogue.

    Do I regret that decision? To be honest, sometimes. But, it simply wasn’t the right time for me. And, in retrospect, maybe I wouldn't be where I am today if I had gone to Marseille to study French for those few months. So, when I do finally cross the pond, maybe it’ll be to attend Chanel couture — not to stay in a janky hostel. And, since packing is the worst, who better than my well-seasoned R29 pals to offer up all of the helpful travel advice (and clothes) I’ll need?"
    —Ellen Hoffman, editorial assistant

    Click through for packing essentials that’ll take you from London to Paris to Milan and back again.

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