5 Plus-Size Magazines You Probably Didn't Know About

Photo: Courtesy of la Farfa.
At one point, most women's magazines looked the same — obviously Photoshopped images, one size (and often one race) of model covering its front. While the industry has made major strides and we're continually seeking improvements and more diversity within the fashion glossies we love, the newest crop of mags — both digital and print — are really making us excited about the inclusive changes happening around the world.

Whether you're dying to see what's big in Japan, are begging for a British invasion, or are just super stoked to read up on American style that extends beyond the mainstream, we've found some of the best plus-style focused magazines that will inspire. Click through to see our picks, and let us know below if we missed your preferred plus-periodical.
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Photo: Courtesy of la Farfa.
la Farfa
While many of Japan's fashions are one size only, its citizens are not carbon copies. Fortunately, the creators of la Farfa, Japan's first plus-size-focused magazine, have realized this and produced content for women who have been endearingly-dubbed “Marshmallow Girls.” As Harumi Kon, the editor-and-chief of la Farfa, told The Japan Times, “We don’t promote losing weight or gaining weight, because there are women that look gorgeous regardless of what they weigh. Our view is that people should not be defined by the size of the clothes they wear.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Skorch Magazine.
Created by all-around badass babe (and creative director of the e-commerce site Cool Gal Blue) Jessica Kane, Skorch has now returned after a brief hiatus. Filled with envelope-pushing editorials, in-depth interviews, and unapologetic fierceness, Skorch offers the sartorial edge that is often missed in the plus-fashion world.
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Photo: Courtesy of SLiNK Magazine.
Our friends across the pond have been churning out crazy-chic clothes for fuller-figured women, and the UK's first plus-size print magazine, SLiNK, reflects that perfectly. As one of the few plus-focused magazines to be available in both digital and print, editor Rivkie Baum realizes the importance that accessibility. “I've always loved and worked in print media, so print has always been the goal; now stocking in 15 countries is pretty surreal, especially when I get sent pictures of SLiNK on the shelf in between Vogue and Elle — but that just shows you how much our industry has progressed.”
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Photo: Courtest of DARE Magazine.
As Canada's first plus-size magazine, DARE magazine has been creating buzz since 2013. While DARE offers everything from celebrity style to breakdowns of latest trends, editor-in-chief Diana Di Poce makes sure that each digital issue has a local focus, often through the inclusion of Canadian bloggers and brands.
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Photo: Courtesy of VOL•UP•2.
Offered in both French and English, VOL•UP•2 is the creation of photographer and model Velvet D'amour. While her 2007 strut down Jean Paul Gaultier's runway may be how many of us learned about her, VOL•UP•2 is artistic proof that she has more to offer than just a pretty face. Each issue offers in-depth interviews with industry players, as well as captivating editorial spreads that are up to par with the most elite fashion publications.