Instagram's Most Gorgeous Holiday Beauty Looks To Copy

Photo: via @bitebeauty_.
The most wonderful time of the year also happens to be the busiest time of year. Between shopping for presents, hopping through parties, and stocking up on all of the Baileys to get you through extended time with your family, you probably barely have a moment to plan your outfit for the day. As for planning your hair and makeup for those get-togethers, that gets relegated to the back burner. Ain't nobody got time right now to flip through Pinterest, rapidly pinning braids and lipstick shades.
Luckily for you, there is plenty of inspiration right under your nose — on Instagram. It's true. The app is a veritable playground for the hair- and makeup-obsessed masses. Women have been posting their #holidayhair and #christmasmakeup for weeks now.
But, in case you don't have time to flip through all of Instagram, we've done the work for you. Ahead, find a handful of gorgeously inspiring photos to get you in the holiday (beauty) spirit.
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Photo: via @naturallyerratic.
The perfect way to lighten your smudgy, smoky eye? Accent it with a touch of gold eyeliner. Pair with a dramatic hairstyle and glossy lips, and you're good to go.
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Photo: via @savvyist_beauty.
Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean all has to be merry and bright. A moody, monochromatic palette works wonders. Throw in some glitter for your own special brand of festive cheer.
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Photo: via @alexisjadekaiser.
Sequined eyebrows? That's one way to liven up your Ugly Sweater Party look. Hey, why should guys have all the fun?
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Photo: via @sophisticallycurly.
Was there ever a better time to test-drive green hair than the holidays? We think not.
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Photo: via @bellatoday.
Toss a spruce headband onto your 'do for a fun, festive accent. Plus, it's killer with that red lip of yours.
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Photo: via @sofiak791.
A pompadour paired with a sleek, wraparound fishtail braid mixes vintage class with modern beauty in a snap.
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Photo: via @amberfillerup.
Long-haired ladies, you'll go gaga over this loose, rope-like braid.
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Photo: via @thebeautybasket.
Gold lids and red lips are a classic combination. For a more dramatic turn, glue on some false lashes. No one will be able to take their eyes off of you all night.
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Photo: via @hairbymoniquestudiocity.
Bring back some vintage Victory rolls for a sassy holiday style. If nothing else, your grandmother will love them — maybe long enough to stop asking you why you're still single. Love you, Gram.
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Photo: via @redken5thave.
If green hair isn't exactly your bag, may we suggest a touch of red? Keep it to the tips of your mane so that your mom doesn't have flashbacks to your rebellious teen days.
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Photo: via @bumbleandbumble.
An adorable way to dress up a bun is to weave or dangle a delicate necklace from your updo.
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Photo: via @bitebeauty_.
Soft, mauvy pinks play gorgeously on eyes and lips. Pair them together for an easy, breezy beauty look that's still high-impact.
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