Forget Macarons, Here Are Instagram's Next-Level Fashion Memes

No offense to all the French-pastry fans out there, but Instagram fashion memes have come a long way since endless stacks of rainbow macarons and #OOTD photos. Sure, they're still kicking around, but at this point, hot-dog legs and latte art feel a bit... InstaFashion 101.
So, to help you stay on the edge, we trolled our favorite fashion folks' Instagrams to bring you the latest trends and tropes coming to a feed near you. Screw arm parties, sunsets, and selfies — get ready for The Haul Brag and shelfies. It's a brave new square out there.
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Photo: Via @real_kate_foley.
The Yeti-Fur Shoefie — Shoefies are not new. But, these days, yours are nothing if not set against a furry white backdrop. Wanna go dutch on a flokati?
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Photo: Via @theglamourai.
The Mood Shot — This is the fashion-girl equivalent of the bouquet pic (which, okay, fashion girls love, too). One day, you will find yourself in the famous New York fabric store of note, and you, too, will take this pic. Luckily on Instagram, no one can hear you murmur "make it work."
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Photo: Via @susiebubble.
The Vogue Hop — Taking your normal #OOTD pics higher and making us all feel like Coco Rocha for 1/250th of a second.
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Photo: Via @caradelevingne.
The Pal Pile — We're young, we're free, we're in VIP! The probably inebriated puppy pile of semi-celebs and hotties is as much a festival-season must-have as the flower crown.
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Photo: Via @katcollings.
The Twinsies — Yep, all my friends are flawless, too!
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Photo: Via @refinery29.
The Rustic Tablescape — Reclaimed wood table? Check. Field-gathered weeds in a vintage Mason jar? Done. Cured pig and mimosas? It's a rugged brunch tableau that Kinfolk mag would be proud of.
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Photo: Via @margaret__zhang.
The Healfie — A special variant of the selfie which shows the wearer engaged in conspicuously wholesome behavior. Close cousin to the sweaty treadmill selfie that gym bunnies use to shame their lazier friends who are still in bed (ahem).
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Photo: Via @refinery29.
The Missing Person — This new style of OOTD is helpfully missing its human...the better for us to imagine ourselves in those clothes.
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Photo: Via @joy_adaeze.
The Old-School OOTD — For a while, mirror selfies were too MySpace to be chic. But now, more bloggers are embracing their Web 1.0 charms. Susie Bubble even uses her cam to hide her face — a move that takes us back to her Fashion Spot posts from 2005 in a big way.
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Photo: Via @borninflames.
The Haul Brag — See? Certain authors are guilty of this stuff, too. The haul brag blatantly asks you to be jealous of our perfect vintage denim (or Céline bag, if that's your thing), but it never, ever reveals its thrift-store sources.
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Photo: Via @alice_gao.
The Shelfie — An artfully composed magazine rack with the added, Zen-like zhush of a bloom branch. Great. Now we feel like hoarders.
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Photo: Via @garypepper.
The FML — This advanced move takes the "sunset in shades" pic and raises you a spray of majestic sea foam. Oh, and the shades are Céline
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Photo: Via @chiaraferragni.
The Lunch Brag — A cross-pollination of the shoefie and "food organized neatly" genres, this pic taunts us with shoes we want, calories we probably shouldn't eat, and burgers we East Coasters can't have. It's painful on lots of levels.
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Photo: Via @alice_gao.
The Chemex Brew — Take a hike, latte art.
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Photo: Via @lapantin.
The Showroom — Seems like any old reality-TV riff-raff can get into a fashion show these days. The true insiders are posting sweet pics straight from the showroom.
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Photo: Via @miraduma.
The Literary Fashionista — Her OkCupid profile proudly states that she loves the smell of dusty old books.
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Photo: Via @evachen212.
The Eva Accessory ExplosionLucky EIC Eva Chen has mastered the art of cramming every luxe accessory into one teeny little square of Town Car backseat — and always featuring fruit. Here, she goes for broke with Jimmy Choos, a Birkin, and not one, but two apples. Easy, Eva.
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Photo: Via @derekblasberg.
The Celeb BFF — Related to your standard YOLO party Instagram, the Celeb BFF pic is not necessarily visually compelling, nor does it fit into the 'Grammer's overall aesthetic. It exists merely to document close brushes with celebrity. Alexa's such a dear, darling.
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Photo: Via @saintrecords.
The Great Wall — Solange is the acknowledged master of this form. Who needs a seamless backdrop when you can just constantly stumble across striking walls instead?
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Photo: Via @lapantin.
The Ugly Shoefie — Because Instagramming your Louboutins is for Real Housewives.
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Photo: Via @annstreetstudio.
The Casual Couture — Oh, you know. Just lounging on my fainting couch in my sumptuous ball gown.
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Photo: Via @manrepeller.
The Advanced Stack — Man Repeller sees your anemic arm party and raises you fingers full of medieval-looking baubles.
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Photo: Via @jcrew.
The Like Bait — Neon clutch, eye-popping prints, chunky sweater, and next-level mani. Can't...resist...hearting!