My Style: Tavi's Hair Stylist Invites Us In

In addition to styling the tresses of mega-blogger Tavi Gevinson, Bathsheba Nemerovski earns cool points for a host of other reasons. You'll see what we mean once you take a spin through her classic and incredibly well-styled Chicago space. Bathsheba is all about more-is-more, and we can't wait to take a cue from this vintage-packed, art-covered den of inspiration. Read on to learn more about our girl crush, and if your locks need love, visit her and her team at Sparrow Salon. If her home is any indication, Chicago needs as much creative QT with Bathsheba as it can get.
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Hair stylist and owner of Sparrow Salon, Bathsheba Nemerovski, in her home. On Sheba: Comme des Garçons Skirt, Mina Perhonen top, Antipast tights, Vialis Shoes.
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1. At the moment, what are you most excited about professionally?

"I'm really working on making Sparrow a magical place, where people feel happy, not just because they love their hair, but because it's a pretty, comfortable, special environment. The opposite of the hyper trendy, intimidating hair factory that a lot of salons can be."
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2. Has anyone in your life influenced your personal style?

"I've definitely been influenced by my grandmother, who has always been a classy, elegant dresser. I'm also inspired by the Heathers-era '80s look, preppy plaids and penny loafers are looking modern again!"
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3. What 3 things from your wardrobe do you wear most often?

"My polka dot Comme des Garçons skirt (seen in the photos), a blue jacquard short pleated skirt from Creatures of the Wind (gifted), and a navy and taupe dress from Marni that I got for a steal years ago at Filenes."
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5. If you could describe your personal style in 3 words, what would they be?

"Interesting, feminine, eclectic."
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4. Where do you find your inspiration for your home?

"I'm really going for a warm, maximalist look. I scour antique stores for interesting objects, and want to be surrounded by books and art. I'm especially inspired by all the art I've collected over the years, much of it done by friends."
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Want Sheba to lend her skills to your hair? Contact Sparrow Salon to book an appointment!
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Sheba's bikes were custom built by Todd Simeone. Her gold piñata was made by a friend.
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On Sheba: Creatures of the Wind Skirt, Black sheer vintage top, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair shoes.
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6. Do you have any tips for our readers when making a major hair/beauty change?

"Don't be afraid! Your hair is the one thing about yourself that can be easily changed yet make a big impact, so go for it. And when in doubt, bangs and red lipstick are always in style."
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7. What music is always playing in your house?

"Steely Dan, The Damned, Wilco."
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9. Where do you love to shop in Chicago?

"Robin Richman for clothes and accessories, Asrai Garden for home goods, flowers and jewelry, and Edgwater Antique Mall for furniture."
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10. What is your favorite part about working with your Chicago clients?

"Chicago women want to look pretty, which I'm all about. I'd much rather do a really lovely soft flattering bob than something that's weird for the sake of being weird. And my clients don't want to fuss with their hair, and neither do I so I can totally relate!"
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We know, we want them too. Sheba's placemats are Marimekko, from Kiitos Marimekko in New York.
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8. What do you love about living in Chicago?

"It's like a big small town. It has everything I want in a city as far as culture, food, shopping, but has a laid back, neighborhoody vibe that I love."

On Sheba: Black polka dot Comme des Garçons skirt, vintage coat, Alexander Wang shoes.