Jewelry Star Jennifer Meyer's Stylish Studio And Hotspots!

Jennifer Meyer is one impressive lady. After a lengthy career dressing celebrities at fashion houses like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren, she's rather quietly built a burgeoning jewelry empire from the ground up. Five years ago, she was inspired by an idea for a necklace—her now iconic leaf pendant. And like a symbol of all that would spring from that single creative seedling, she's crafted a stunning collection of semi-precious and precious jewelry that transcends Hollywood hype or big trends. Instead, her look is more fine family heirloom-meets-contemporary keepsake. But if you think it’s all work and no play for this young SoCal native and mom of two, you’d be wrong. From stopping by the floral studio at the Four Seasons for some arrangement inspiration to hitting up Barneys on Wilshire—which has sold her collection from Day One—Jen knows how to infuse her love of fashion and personal style into her work and life. With a closet stocked with everything from Isabel Marant, A.L.C., and Elkin to Zara and American Eagle Outfitters, she’s nailed a personalized high-low mix that is emblematic of authentic Cali-cool. We loved popping by recently for a visit at her airy Westside office (husband Tobey Maguire and daughter Ruby stopped by for an impromptu studio visit, too). Get a peek at Jen's world along with some snaps of the latest Jennifer Meyer designs we lust for.
Outside of Barneys New York, Jennifer wears Stella McCartney jeans, a vintage top, and a Missoni bag.
Where were you born?
“Los Angeles, CA.”

Jennifer stops by florist Eric Buterbaugh’s studio at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills for a little inspiration and some bouquets for the office.
Can you share how you got started designing jewelry?
“Some of my earliest memories are of sitting in my grandma’s kitchen making enamel jewelry. It was always my dream to one day do that as my profession. When I decided that I actually was going to try and design jewelry, I knew nothing about it. I tried to educate myself by literally going downtown and knocking on the doors that said 'jeweler.' I knew I had to truly understand the process and this was the only way I knew to start. Even five-and-a-half years later, everyday I learn something new.”
The turquoise of Jennifer’s Double Dome ring is lovely against an arrangement of pink spray roses.
How has becoming a mom affected your outlook on fashion and your own personal style?
“I have always loved to dress comfortably, but I have the most fun getting dressed up when my daughter is helping me. I tend to push my limits more and throw on a pair of heels really just to impress her.”
At her airy Westside office, Jennifer pow-wows with her staff about fall deliveries and new designs.
Do you have any treasured items in your closet?
“My grandma gave me many pieces—everything from handmade knitted scarves to a vintage Gucci bag to amazing jewelry. I cherish all of it.”
What inspires your style these days?
“Being relaxed and comfortable, but I try to be stylish about it.”

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry's new pieces on display, including the modern, clean Stick Collection and Chinese Symbol necklaces.
What do you love most about living in L.A.?
“My whole family is here. The beach. The weather. The people. The food. I could go on and on."
If your style had a theme song, what would it be?
“Right now, I am obsessed with getting dressed listening to the new Jay-Z and Kanye West song, 'Otis.' I am convinced they wrote it for my son.”

Snack attack! Jennifer stops by local ice-cream shop Sweet Rose Creamery in a vintage dress, American Eagle Outfitter sandals, and Ray-Ban sunglasses.
What are the five key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
“My Simone Camille bag, my new Elkin black cropped sweater, my wedding band, my Winter Kate blouse, and a great jean jacket.”
What's your secret style weapon?
“A fitted jacket always makes me feel skinnier.”
Jennifer wears an Elkin sweater, Jennifer Meyer Jewelry drop earrings, and an Otis stud. The stacked rings are from her brand-new Zigzag collection—Emma Watson’s already a big fan.
What's your best cheap score of late?
“My American Eagle Outfitter sandals. I never take them off."
Do you have anything in your closet that you could never stand to throw away?
“My Chanel blazer that I got for my 30th birthday from my dad.”

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry's signature yellow-gold Leaf Earrings among some tools of the trade.
Who would you say is your style soul mate?
“My 17-year-old sister, Carson, for her ability to look so casually cool. On my best day, we're style soul-mates.”

In an adorable Zara skirt—we love the zebra print!—and Raquel Allegra top at her studio.
Tell us a little bit about what's new at Jennifer Meyer Jewelry.
“Oh, so much! I am having more and more fun expanding my collection. I just love using color such as lapis, turquoise, emeralds, and rubies. I am obsessing over my Chinese symbols for all the different meanings behind them. I’m also really excited The Stick Collection for its clean simplicity and opaque diamonds for the unique twist on a classic diamond piece.”
En route to Barneys to check on her collection, Jennifer wears a selection of Jennifer Meyer Jewelry designs.
Who are your style heroes or the people that most inspire you when you are getting dressed?
“The woman I seem to get dressed with the most is my daughter, Ruby—believe me, she always has an opinion.”

An array of new bracelets from JMJ, including these striking lizard cuffs.
Is there anything you would never be caught dead wearing?
“Never say never, but I can’t imagine wearing my seventh-grade look of tight jeans with scrunchy socks over them.”

Jennifer gets ready for a day of driving in an Isabel Marant Etoile dress, Current/Elliott jean jacket, vintage Chanel purse, and American Eagle Outfitter sandals.
Do you find anyone’s personal style particularly inspiring?
“I always tend to gravitate towards women who seem completely comfortable in their clothes and their skin. They never try to be something they are not. I am inspired by women from Diane Keaton to my mom, to the girl I pass on the street."

Jennifer rocks a custom nameplate Ruby and Otis necklace, to always keep her kids close to her heart.
Do you have any particular dressing philosophies or strategies?
“Just like my jewelry, my clothes have to easily translate from day to evening.”
Jennifer at Sweet Rose and outside of her studio. She wears an A.L.C. dress, an Alexander Wang T-shirt, and Azzedine Alaïa heels.
What's on your fall wish list?
“I just bought a great pea coat from Topshop for the fall that I absolutely love and can’t wait to wear.”
Jennifer glams up a daytime dress with her new Edie Parker Stripe Lucite Clutch.
Any advice to up-and-coming jewelry designers in L.A.?
“There are so many talented designers out there. You have to continue to believe in yourself and not get caught up in what you perceive as competition. There really is room for everybody and it’s all about finding your niche.”

The leaf design that started it all.

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