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The Insider's Guide To Inner Richmond, Courtesy Of Two Rad Locals!

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    When it comes to navigating a new hood that’s far from our usual haunts, we admit the thought of unexplored ground leaves us with a floating question mark above our heads. So, when we don’t know what streets to turn on or where to get the most savory grub, we tend to lean on our friends to point us in the right direction. Luckily, the sister duo and owners of Inner Richmond’s Seedstore know their hood just as well as how to stock their shop with wondrous wares.

    We tapped Cynthia and Jennifer Huie to guide us through the Inner Richmond’s most alluring locals-only secrets, and boy did we hit the motherlode! From the best places to guzzle a pint to where to win a skeeball competition, this guide will have you saying “BRB” to your neck of the woods. Peruse through their crazy-cool hot spots and see how a staycation can make the best of getaway, sans the jet-lag.

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