The Insider's Guide To Inner Richmond, Courtesy Of Two Rad Locals!

When it comes to navigating a new hood that’s far from our usual haunts, we admit the thought of unexplored ground leaves us with a floating question mark above our heads. So, when we don’t know what streets to turn on or where to get the most savory grub, we tend to lean on our friends to point us in the right direction. Luckily, the sister duo and owners of Inner Richmond’s Seedstore know their hood just as well as how to stock their shop with wondrous wares.
We tapped Cynthia and Jennifer Huie to guide us through the Inner Richmond’s most alluring locals-only secrets, and boy did we hit the motherlode! From the best places to guzzle a pint to where to win a skeeball competition, this guide will have you saying “BRB” to your neck of the woods. Peruse through their crazy-cool hot spots and see how a staycation can make the best of getaway, sans the jet-lag.
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Burma Superstar
Cynthia: "The folks at Burma Superstar make the most ridiculously flavorful and comforting dishes. It may be cold outside, but waiting for a table here makes for a really nice time to explore the neighborhood and catch up with friends."
Burma Superstar, 309 Clement Street (between 4th and 5th avenues); 415-387-2167.

Cynthia: "Murasaki is the place to go for a fresh and authentic sushi experience!"
Murasaki, 211 Clement Street (between 3rd and 4th avenues); 415-668-7317.

Jennifer: "Try the duck confit at Q when available, it hits the spot!"
Q, 225 Clement Street (between 3rd and 4th avenues); 415-752-2298.

Ono Grindz
Cynthia: "For yummy Hawaiian food, try Ono Grindz’s chicken katsu and spam waffles."
Ono Grindz, 832 Clement Street (between 9th and 10th avenues); 415-221-4746.

Cajun House
Jennifer: "The food at Cajun House is so fresh and tasty! Plus, it’s a fun place to get down and dirty with friends."
Cajun House, 308 5th Avenue (at Clement Street); 415-340-3190.

Cynthia: "If you love The Beatles, great Japanese bar food, and ramen — go to Halu!"
Halu, 312 8th Avenue (between Clement Street and Geary Boulevard); 415-221-9165.

Photo: Via Burma Superstar
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EAT (Continued):
Cynthia: "Giorgio's is the perfect place to take the kids. They love playing with the pizza dough!"
Giorgio's, 151 Clement Street (at 3rd Avenue); 415-668-1266.

Cynthia: "You must try the dry-fried chicken and beef chow fun at Tenglong!"
Tenglong, 208 Clement Street (between 4th and 5th avenues); 415-666-3515.

Genki Crepes
Cynthia: "Genki Crepes’ peanut-butter egg puffs rock! Make sure you peruse the snack aisle while you wait for your crepe."
Genki Crepes , 330 Clement Street (between 4th and 5th avenues); 415-379-6414.

Pretty Please Bakeshop
Cynthia: "Go to Pretty Please Bakeshop for brand new and amazing custom cakes."
Pretty Please Bakeshop, 291 3rd Avenue (at Clement Street); 415-347-3733.

Sweet Hut
Cynthia: "The fresh watermelon juice poured at Sweet Hut comes with tapioca and is a great afternoon pick me up!"
Sweet Hut, 519 Clement Street (between 6th and 7th avenues); no phone.

Photo: Via Pretty Please Bakeshop
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Plough And The Stars
Jennifer: "Guinness is my favorite, so of course I love this place!"
Plough And The Stars, 116 Clement Street (at 2nd Avenue); 415-751-1122.

The Bitter End
Jennifer: "Go for the trivia!"
The Bitter End, 441 Clement Street (between 5th and 6th avenues); 415-221-9538.

Jennifer: "It’s a gritty place with fun games and good burgers. Don't miss out on the next skeeball competition!"
Buckshot, 3848 Geary Boulevard (between 3rd and 2nd avenues); 415-831-8838.

Pizza Orgasmica
Cynthia: "I go here for pizza and beer in the casbah with friends."
Pizza Orgasmica, 823 Clement Street (between 9th and 10th avenues); 415-386-6000.

Velo Rouge
Cynthia: "Velo Rouge is a lovely place to stop when on or off your bike."
Velo Rouge, 298 Arguello Boulevard (at California Street);415-752-7799.

Blue Danube
Jennifer: "The outdoor seating is a good place to enjoy the occasional Inner Richmond sun."
Blue Danube, 306 Clement street (at 4th Avenue); 415-221-9041.

Photo: Via Facebook/Guinness
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Jennifer: "We do our best to stock the store with absolutely wearable pieces that you'll love."
Seedstore, 212 Clement Street (between 3rd and 4th avenues); 415-386-1600.

Park Life
Cynthia: "The art selection is one of the best in the city. We're lucky to have them as neighbors!"
Park Life, 220 Clement Street (between 3rd and 4th avenues); 415-386-7275.

Kisha Studio
Jennifer: "It’s a great place to find something unique and affordable for special occasions."
Kisha Studio, 210 Clement Street (at 3rd Avenue); 415-422-0468.

Jennifer: "I like the cute jewelry and accessories. They've also added apparel to the mix."
Covet, 391 Arguello Boulevard (at Clement Street); 415-751-1158.

Foggy Notion
Jennifer: "Foggy Notion’s got the cutest chalkboard gift tags and the best smelling room spray!"
Foggy Notion, 275 6th Avenue (at Clement Street); 415-683-5654.

Green Apple Bookstore
Jennifer: "It’s an amazing bookstore! You can easily spend an entire day here, and I love all the different nooks and crannies."
Green Apple Books, 506 Clement Street (at 6th Avenue); 415-387-2272.

Cynthia: "My friends always love receiving their arrangements from Fleurt."
Fleurt, 15 clement Street (at 2nd Avenue); 415-751-2747.

Photo: Via Facebook/Seedstore