Wear One Of These Outfits To Your Next Job Interview

Photographed by Lydia Hudgens.
Résumés are sent out and then, you get the call. Your dream-job company wants to meet with you. High fives all around — quickly followed by panic. What are you going to wear? For those of us who work in creative industries, it can be especially challenging to put together the perfect interview outfit. Granted, an impeccably tailored suit is classic (and a wardrobe necessity), but there's a lot more freedom in what to wear to an interview these days. You want to put your best foot forward by looking perfectly pulled together — not boring or stuffy.
What's appropriate for an interview really does vary depending on your industry, but for the most part, you want to shoot for something that is polished, professional, and shows off a bit of your personal style. If you want to move in a more fashion-forward direction, you can forego the basic, dark-colored suit and inject a bit of curvy-girl style into your look. Here are eight outfit ideas sure to help you land the job.
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This is an unexpected, forward choice. Just add a blazer and black pumps, and this jumper is ready to go.
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A classic, white button-down has endless uses — but a blouse with a bit more personality can really shape an interview outfit.
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Pair a dressy shirt with your favorite, flattering pair of black pants. This top is kind of a modern take on the white button-down.
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You can throw a great blazer over anything and look super-stylish. This option punches up a simple sheath dress — or you can mix and match patterns to show that your style skills go beyond Fashion 101.
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Go one extra step; instead of just pairing a skirt with a simple blouse, add a thin, knit sweater.
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This pale pink skirt looks professional and interview-ready, proving that it's not just black skirts that deserve all the love.
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Stay clear of frumpy slacks and opt for something more on-trend. Go for super-skinny or wide-leg pants instead.
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If you're going to opt for black pants, try a pair with a trendy flare leg.