Hydrosols: The Best Kept Secret To A Healthy Flush

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    What’s the quickest way to get that just-had-sex or just-worked-out face flush? It’s not through NARS Orgasm or SoulCycle — it’s by spritzing on a hydrosol or face mist. In addition to giving your skin a dewy glow within seconds, the sprays’ micron-fine blasts also cool the face the face and neck, delivering an essential reprieve on sweltering summer days.

    But, face mists aren’t just for looks: They boast actual skin benefits, too. “Any washing will temporarily strip your skin of its natural oils whether you use something that’s supposed to be non drying, like Cetaphil, or something harsh, like benzoyl peroxide,” Dr. Vicki Rapaport, a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist says. “The mist is a nice way to bring moisture back to the skin without clogging your pores.”

    Rapaport notes that the most effective way to harness a hydrosol’s hydrating benefits is to apply the mist before moisturizing to help lock in your moisturizer and optimize its dew-bestowing abilities. “Dermatologists love the idea of putting moisture on the skin and locking it in with lotions, oils or serums,” Rapaport says. She also notes that the same principles apply when misting after putting on makeup — a light spray of moisture helps set silicone-based products, driving moisture into the skin.

    Those with sensitive skin can refresh, revive, and punch up hydration with a thermal spring water, like Avene Eau Thermale. Rapaport points out that cooling water has long been used as treatment for eczema. Want to do all of the above with aromatherapy, antioxidant, and botanical-infused formulas? Read on for six of our favorite H20 plus complexion boosters.

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