Hybrid Stylers Make Bad Hair Days A Thing Of The Past

Some hybrids flirt with genius (the Prius, Cronuts), while others have their own entry in the Encyclopedia of Bad Taste (see: Easy Cheese). But, on the beauty front, there’s a new class of hybrids making their way into our medicine cabinets and onto our heads: multi-benefit hairstyling products. And, unlike spray-can foods, these products can actually work wonders.
Sparked by the great BB (and CC and DD and...) cream boom — and driven by our culture’s fetish/need/impulse to accomplish more in less time — these hybrid beauty products have evolved into what market-research company Mintel has called a major global trend of the year. According to the group’s 2013 research, 70% of American women are interested in multifunctional makeup, and nearly just as many (68%) believe these types of products will help them save time.
This year, as Mintel forecasted, the trend has moved from makeup and skin care to hair care. And, Kattia Solano, owner of Butterfly Studio in New York, is psyched about the styling possibilities these multitasking products present: “These hybrid hair products are so easy to travel with,” she says. “And, because they are so versatile, they can be mixed and matched to create different styles.”
The hairstylist, who has created runway looks for Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, and Carolina Herrera, keeps reaching for Oribe Surfcomber, a wax-mousse hybrid that creates texture and hold, and Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Treatment, a serum-cream hybrid that smooths, conditions, and gives light hold. But, there are so many more hybrid hair products out there, and they all go way beyond that proto-hybrid, two-in-one shampoo. Read on to see some of our favorites.
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Photo: Via Salon Grafix.
Hard-to-apply powder formulations make many dry shampoos tough to work with, but this spray formula not only gives us more control for even application — it also lifts hair volume at the roots and deposits color. After one application, our balayage bronde roots were three shades lighter than before.
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Photo: Via Pravana.
At first, we were perplexed by this powder that transforms into a wet pomade right in our hands. But, by tousling it into our clean-to-the-point-of-limp hair, we were able to create a piecey look that was perfectly second-day.

Pravana Nevo Lived-In Powder Potion, $19.97, available at beautycarechoices.com.
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Photo: Via John Masters Organics.
When used as a styling cream, this leave-in conditioner gave our hair piecey texture without stripping our mane of its shine or turning it crunchy. Its blend of rose flower, apricot, rosehip seed, and borage oils not only makes for soft, touchable hair, but it smells incredible as well.
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Photo: Via R+Co.
This body-building texture maker looks like a mousse and acts like a pomade, separating our strands without the mineral oil, petroleum, sulfates, parabens — or most impressively — that icky grease factor.
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Photo: Via Sans[ceuticals].
We put this nutrient-packed oil on from head to toe: It smoothed our hair, moisturized the skin on our bodies, and added a little glow to our face when we mixed a few drops in with our moisturizer — all while delivering vitamins A and E, phyto lipids, and omegas-3, -6, and -9 to the skin and hair.

Sans[ceuticals] Activator 7 Body, Hair and Face Oil, $50, available at everyday-needs.com.
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Photo: Via Nios Shield.
The American Academy of Dermatology recommends gel sunscreens for hairy parts of the body like the scalp — a part of the body we often forget to protect with SPF. This gel is great for smoothing or spiking short 'dos and is packed with SPF 15 to protect your dome from UV rays.
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Photo: Via Rita Hazan.
Channel your inner Chloe Nørgaard without drying the dickens out of your hair. The narrow spray nozzle here allows you to focus bright, punky color without the use of bleach, ammonia, peroxide, or permanent dye.
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This volumizing powder is so featherweight and microfine we thought our bottle had arrived empty. But, after applying the tiniest amount to our superflat hair (which had been tied back in a ponytail all day), we were able to achieve gorgeous, va-va-voom volume.
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Photo: Via Rahua.
This vegan, botanicals-laced product is one of our new favorite travel companions: It deeply conditions pool- and ocean-ravaged hair and doubles as a light styling lotion that provides touchable hold.
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Photo: Via Color Wow.
A few shots of this blowdry spray to wet hair not only cut our drying time by five minutes, but it also produced smooth, shiny hair with zero frizz.
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Photo: Via Bumble and bumble.
Sure, this powder works as a dry shampoo that gives hair major lift at the roots, and it blends well so as not to leave hair looking gray. But, we particularly love the styling power it gives when we apply this powder to the ends of our hair: It provides much-needed grip to keep ponytails and twists in place, with no stray strands to slide to the nape of our neck.
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Photo: Via Rusk.
With late-summer humidity in the air, we need a potion that can take control of the chaos and calm the frizz down. This clean-smelling spray did just that — all while working as a leave-in conditioner and shine spray, to boot.
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Photo: Via Oribe.
There once was a time when one had to hold her breath when spraying hairspray; the noxious fumes were just too odorous to whiff, and the moment couldn’t pass fast enough. Oribe’s signature scent, however, is so clean, we don’t want it to disappear. This pick-me-up spray serves as a static cutter and fragrance, replacing post-workout hair stank with a sweet scent that lasts.
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Photo: Via KMS California.
It’s hard to get Gisele-worthy beach waves without frying your hair with curling wands. But, when spritzed on dry locks, a polymer in this styling spray helps protect hair from heat damage, while a second shot helps hold styles in place.
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