How To Wear Tights Without Sweating Your Ass Off

Lately, our weather has been all out of whack. It’s bright, sunny, and cold in the morning. But come mid-day, we’re sweating in our faux-fur boots. And did you notice that yesterday’s low was 39 degrees? That's legitimately cold! And we welcome the chill, but some of us like to be prepared (and toasty!), and this fleeting weather can stress us out. Enter, tights. You really can wear them in Miami, without looking entirely out of place. Just click through our five must-know tips and pull off the look without sweating your ass off. Yes, it’s really possible.
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Go Footless
Footless tights are a happy medium: they cover your legs, but still show a little bit of ankle. Complete your outfit with a pair of open-toe booties or ballet flats for a casual and cool look that's not entirely covered up.

Photo: Via Nordstrom.
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Lace It
Oh lace, how we love thee. You are elegant, yet not stuffy – literally. There are so many styles out there that you won’t find it hard to locate the perfect pair for your personal style. And hole-y material breathes easily on a warmer afternoon.

Photo: Via Ella Moss.
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Get Shorty
Love it or hate, the shorts-over-tights look is an ideal one for us Miamians. But beware of bringing in too many colors and patterns. Go for a monochrome look, or at the very least, complementary colors in your pairing.

Photo: Via Urban Outfitters.
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Watch The Material, Girl
While our Northerner counterparts are looking for wool and fleece tights, you should not. The lighter the better! Go for something that is a little more sheer. According to New York magazine, some of the lightest pairs on the market are sold at Forever21.

Photo: Via Anthroplogie.
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Paint With Color
It’s no secret we love color in this town. So why only wear tights in black and gray? Start by picking richly-hued tights then build the rest of your outfit around them. Treat the colored bottoms the same way you would a pair of pigmented denim pants.

Photo: Via Mod Cloth.