5 Reasons To Wear A Sweatshirt This Weekend

Photo: Via @keikolynn.
Once the weekend rolls around, we want nothing more than to hang around the house — or, at least dress like it. But, we've got places to go, people to see, and are thus forced off the couch. Lucky for us, comfort dressing has seen quite the endorsement on runways in the past couple of seasons; how else do you describe what happened with Birkenstocks this summer? Since it's much too cold for open-toed sandals, our favorite bloggers are keeping things comfy with embellished sweatshirts for the time being.
These aren't your plain, gray pullovers from gym class — although, those can certainly be dressed up, too. These 'grammers prefer to play with textures, materials, and designs to make their sweatshirts stand out from the pack, and they prove the #cozygirl vibe works just as well for brunches, cocktails, and fancy dinners. With help from these #OOTDs, your sweatshirt can carry you through just about any social scenario.
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Photo: Via @michelletakeaim.
The geometric pattern on Michelle Madsen's quilted sweatshirt is a little out of the ordinary, which makes the topper more interesting.
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Photo: Via @meetmeinparee.
Nikita Wong of Meet Me in Paree couldn't shine brighter if she tried in her sequin Manoush sweatshirt. While this specific style isn't available online yet, the brand has plenty of other delightful embellished options.
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Photo: Via @zeldanfestus.
It's hard to make an all-Whistles ensemble look cooler than it already is. But, Aghogho Ogunlesi of Zeldan + Festus does it with dots of blue.
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Photo: Via @bettyautier.
Fear not the pink faux fur. Betty Autier owns her bold sleeves, but keeps the rest of her outfit muted so that they really stand out.
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Photo: Via @keikolynn.
Keiko Groves plays up her spotted sweatshirt with a pleated mini skirt and knee-high socks. And, a pop of color in the form of a crossbody bag doesn't hurt.

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