5 New Ways To Dress Up Your Denim For Work

C'mon people, it's 2017; when are we finally going to agree that jeans should be acceptable office wear? Unless your 9-to-5 is at a laid-back startup, chances are your work uniform only takes a turn towards denim on casual Fridays. But we're of the belief that your worn-in baby blues could take the place of pinstriped trousers any day, without infringing upon your boss-lady M.O. Even still, jeans have a pretty casual reputation that could benefit from a fresh interpretation. That's why we mapped out five styling moves that will turn your weekend heroes into bona-fide work threads.
We used AG's fall collection as the base for each polished, trend-forward ensemble and, from there, got creative with the goes-with-everything pieces — mixing in silk trenches, pleated neck scarves, and embellished button-ups — to craft HR-approved looks that are anything but sloppy. Ready to convince the naysayers of denim's worth in the workplace? See our tips that make dressing for work fun again, ahead.