These Cool Instagram #OOTDs Will Help You Plan Your Next Outfit

Whether you're hesitant about stepping out in a Canadian tuxedo, or have a flashy pair of heels you don't quite know how to pull of in the daytime, the fashion people on Instagram have your back. With October in full swing, we’re looking to them to help solve an age-old conundrum: How can we get away with only wearing black without it feeling repetitive?
Once the temperature starts dipping, so falls the color from our wardrobe. All of the pastels of spring and summer brights go into a long hibernation, while the browns and navys settle in for their long sojourn. We love wearing our darks in the fall, and even beyond, but we don't want to resort to the same drab look every day: black jeans, black sweater, black boots, and out the door. Ahead, see how Instagram's best dressed are getting deep, with looks you should try at home.
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Photo: Via @thefashioncuisine.
Beatrice Gutu of The Fashion Cuisine accents her gloomy weather wardrobe with studded Zara loafers. Saint Laurent's take on the trend is a part of our dream fall wardrobe, naturally.
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Photo: Via @joellenlove.
Blogger Joellen Lu mixes it up by mixing her prints: a black crop top with white doodles and a white skater skirt with black doodles.
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Photo: Via @ontheracks.
If you need a little color in your cold-weather wardrobe, go for a printed pair of jeans, like Laura Ellner's. Keep the rest of your outfit monochrome and let the pants shine.
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Photo: Via @juliahengel.
Julia Hengel of Gal Meets Glam demonstrates the classic way of brightening up your look: Play up the accessories. The blogger's eye-grabbing Miu Miu bag certainly does the job.
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Photo: Via @brooketestoni.
Australian blogger Brooke Testoni plays up our go-to outfit — white T-shirt, black pants, jean jacket — with some not-so-typical silhouettes. Instead of black skinny jeans, Brooke picked wide-leg cropped trousers, which look decidedly more sleek when paired with caged sandals.
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Photo: Via @troprouge.
Sometimes, it's all in the outerwear. We love Christina Cardona's French Connection trench. Even her beanie is making us reconsider our fall hat situation.
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Photo: Via @adenorah.
Leave it to the French to put a sweatshirt over an M Missoni dress, and make it seem like the obvious styling choice. Adenorah's navy ensemble makes the case for ditching black for blue this fall.
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Photo: Via @jaglever.
Another way to make a statement with a darker wardrobe: Go for a loud, all-over print, like Rachel Iwanyszyn of Jag Lever's major houndstooth dress.
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Photo: Via @natalieliao_.
Natalie Liao uses a limited color palette to build a graphic look. The key is incorporating different materials, like the mesh detailing in Natalie's T-shirt, to make the pieces pop.
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Photo: Via @luanna90.
The best part of fall are the warm, cozy knits you can burrow yourself into — after we pass a certain temperature threshold, you'll have no choice but to, anyway. Luanna Perez-Garreaud of Le Happy lightens up an all-black ensemble with a light-colored cardigan that's perfect for the mid-season transition.

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