5 Outfits to Try: Skirts, Shorts, And More Blockbuster Bottoms

Welcome back! Even if you didn't spend the entire past week decked out in red, white, and blue (What? We really love themed holidays...), it's time to really hunker down for the long, sweltering stretch. Summer is officially underway, and we've inadvertently come across a theme this week that helps you easily make every outfit count: blockbuster bottoms. With all manners of printed shorts, long skirts, and flouncy minis to wear, there's no reason you should be wearing the same pair of cutoffs. Really.
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Hanneli wears a paisley pair of Jil Sander shorts with a fashion-forward oxford shirt and nude pumps. Switch out the oxford for a T-shirt and the heels for flats, and you've got yourself a weekend version of a super-chic look!

Photo: Ed Kavishe/BFA
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Who knew L.L. Bean was so with it. We love the idea of a retro halter top during the summer months, especially when it's worn with a boldy patterned knee-length skirt.

Photo: Courtesy of L. L. Bean.
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Western shirts haven't been popular since Madonna and Kid Rock wore them back in the early '00s (and, let's be honest, they weren't that awesome then), but we love this modern juxtaposition between the shirt and the flounced skirt, schoolgirl satchel, and hiking boots.

Photo: Courtesy of Topshop.
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Technically not a bottom, but a striped shift-dress makes for an awesome layering piece for a day-to-night transition. Throw on a T-shirt to turn your dress into a skirt, and wear it solo during the nighttime. Scarf-tied-as-necklace, optional (but awesome).

Photo: Courtesy of J.Crew.
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Your pleated maxi skirt has never looked as grand.

Photo: Ed Kavishe/BFA