A Definitive, Totally Serious Guide To Walking In Heels

Akilah Hughes — the twenty-something blogger behind It's Akilah, Obviously! — has pretty much won the Internet. When she's not studying improv at UCB, you can find her drunkenly reviewing young adult sagas or taking selfies of her increasingly large hair. You should probably follow her on Twitter.

Heels are a thing that I'm bad at. I can admit it! I was lucky — or unlucky, depending on your perspective — enough to go to a southern liberal arts college where it wasn't frowned upon to shuffle to class in pajama pants and gym shoes. Because of this, I never had a coming-of-age "walking in heels" moment. Even at prom, stilettos of all sizes littered the bathroom floor, further delaying the inevitable orientation to the oh-so-ladylike pumps. So, kudos to you, heeled wonders, one day I will join your ranks, but for now I'll be the one sitting in cute heels at your party.

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