10 Concealers Pros Swear By

On the hunt for the perfect concealer? So were we — until we talked to some of the most in-demand celebrity makeup artists, who burst our bubble with this cold fact: There’s no such thing. Sure, there are formulas that virtually vanish zits and others that magically make undereyes look more luminous, but landing a singular concealer that will do both jobs? It’s a golden unicorn, my friends.

So until that one-size-fits-all cover-up is developed, most of us need to bone up on our skills and broaden our arsenal to ensure we’re using the right formula for the job. Whether correcting hyperpigmentation, masking tats, or blurring fine lines, here are the best strategies — no matter what you’re trying to hide.

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The issue: Slightly dark, tired-looking undereyes

The fix: A combination of a hydrating eye cream and a luminizing concealer

How to use it: No doubt about it: Concealer always looks better when used on hydrated skin. Dot and blend a moisturizer along the undereye area, then follow with tinted cover-up.

To counteract dark circles, “choose one that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone,” makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury advises. She invented this one “because the whole world is tired,” she says.

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand, $45, available at Charlotte Tilbury.
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The issue: Undereye circles

The fix:
A dual-ended concealer (with one shade to match your skin tone, and another to offset dark circles)

How to use it: “For undereye circles, it’s most effective to use a peach (for light-to-medium skin tones) or orange (for darker skin tones) shade to neutralize the darkness you’re trying to cover,” says Kathy Jeung, a makeup artist who counts Rita Ora as a client. Those with darker skin tones should avoid using concealers in shades lighter than their complexion, as they can make skin look ashy, she warns.

Tom Ford Correcting Pen, $48, available at Nordstrom.
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The issue: Puffy undereyes

The fix: A concealer chock-full of calming and anti-aging actives

How to use it:
Combat eye bags by using your finger to tap an anti-inflammatory concealer undereyes or atop fine lines. (This one is stocked with 15 active ingredients, including caffeine, green tea, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, algae, and peptides.) Be sure to apply it in a triangular shape — not a semi-circle — to avoid further enhancing the problem.

Zelens Active Concealer, $62, available at Barneys New York.
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The issue: Dullness and discoloration

The fix: A concealer that doubles as a highlighter

How to use it: When your skin starts looking dull, reach for a product that highlights as well as conceals. This hybrid formula from Laura Mercier tops our wish list because its sheer coverage lends the skin a soft, glowy effect. Use the conveniently rounded tip to apply directly on any dark spots, in the inner corners and under your eyes, or around your nose and mouth to lighten shadows.

Laura Mercier Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter, $32, available at Laura Mercier.
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The issue: Complexion redness

The fix: Concealer with golden-yellow undertones

How to use it: Many makeup artists layer green color correctors under flesh-toned concealers to counteract redness on the skin. But for those looking to streamline the process, makeup artist Carola Gonzalez suggests using a golden-yellow concealer, which can look more natural. Tap it on to red areas with a blending sponge or brush.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer, $20, available at Macy's.
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The issue: Tattoos (that you want to cover)

The fix: Full-coverage airbrush or spray-on formulas

How to use it: In a pinch, coral or red lipstick topped with concealer can make ink disappear. But for really seamless results, pros like Gonzalez use heavy concealer formulas applied with airbrush guns. “I use the Temptu 'Air' on the third setting. It gives full coverage to the point the tattoo disappears,” she explains.

Temptu 'Air' Cordless Makeup Airbrush Device, $195, available at Nordstrom.
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The issue: Raised, cystic blemishes

The fix: A cream-based concealer. “They offer concentrated pigment and won’t slide away,” says the makeup artist Tasha Rieko Brown.

How to use it: Use a stiff, pointed brush to lightly tap (not rub) concealer on the blemish. Then, lock it in place by dusting on translucent powder with a fluffy powder brush. Be sure to choose a shade that matches your foundation exactly.

“If the concealer is too light, it will highlight the zit and make it stand out even more,” Brown explains. And if the blemish is red, neutralize the color with a yellow-toned concealer first, Jeung suggests.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer, $48, available at Nordstrom.
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The issue: Pimples with whiteheads

The fix: A flesh-colored concealer infused with blemish-healing ingredients.

How to use it: “Concealing zits is a matter of color and not the amount applied on top of it,” says Janice Kinjo, a makeup artist who works with Mindy Kaling. “Applying too much and the wrong color can make it look cakey.”

Use a clean brush and light hand to apply a touch of concealer atop a whitehead. (Bonus points if it has acne-minimizing salicylic acid, like this one.) Dust with translucent powder, then keep your hands off it for the rest of the day.

Yes to Tomatoes Corrective Concealer, $10, available at Target.
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The issue: Crepe-y skin

The fix: Liquid concealer

How to use it: “You don’t want to put heavy cream concealer over dry skin," says Brown. "If you have a lot of creping, I recommend liquid concealer, because it won’t catch in folds or look heavy...[and it] will give dry skin moisture."

Although this version is labeled as an eye product, it works as a light-coverage concealer anywhere on the face. “Use your fingers to apply the concealer; the heat from your fingers will help the product melt into the skin,” advises Brown.

Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Eye, $120, available at Natura Bisse.
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The issue: Fine lines and dullness

The fix: Illuminating click-pens

How to use it: Some concealers can actually draw attention to minor imperfections, like fine lines around the eyes. To avoid this, pick a creamy concealing illuminator that’s one to two shades lighter than your complexion. (If you have a YSL Touche Éclat, this is the time to use it.)

Tap several small dots on any shadowed part of the face, then blend with your fingers. In addition to illuminating under the eyes, hit the cupid’s bow, bridge of your nose, and the sides of the face to slenderize, says Kinjo.

Veil Cosmetics Complexion Fix, $40, available at Veil Cosmetics.
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The issue: Hyperpigmentation, small marks, or scars

The fix: An easy-to-blend gel concealer that covers a spattering of flaws without cakey buildup.

How to use it: Like we said, there is really no one-size-fits-all concealer — but this one comes pretty darn close if you’re dealing with minor imperfections like tiny blemishes or discoloration.

“Tap a couple of dots under the eyes and on blemishes, then blend with your finger,” advises Kinjo. To cover a larger area of discoloration, try buffing it with a flat eyeshadow brush.

Chantecaille Total Concealer, $37, available at Chantecaille.
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