Not Sure How To Take A Sexy Selfie? Here's How

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Any selfie can be a sexy selfie if you decide it's one. There's really no wrong or right way to take a photo of yourself, because everyone finds different things sexy. But when you're intentionally trying to make a photo look sexy, it can be intimidating. What do you do with your face? Where do your hands go? Do you have to do a backbend to get a good shot of your butt? You're not a newbie if you've wondered these things. Taking selfies is an art form, and luckily, it can be taught.
Grabbing your phone and taking photos of yourself until you find one enticing is the only foolproof way to figure out how to take a sexy selfie of yourself. But there are some universal strategies that might inspire you. You just have to play around and figure out what works for you. So we asked women in the R29 community to share their best tips for taking a sexy selfie. Feel free to steal them all.
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Keep your clothes on.

You don't have to get naked to take a sexy selfie, and one reader suggests wearing "really nice, lacy lingerie" underneath a white shirt, and "slightly tugging it aside." It's a low-effort, high-reward move.
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Get in bed.

Being horizontal in bed is innately very sexy. "Laying on my bed, my body is angled in a certain way where I can kind of emphasize my waist, curves, and hips," one reader told us.
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Touch your hair.

Playing with your hair is an easy solution for the "what do I do with my hands" dilemma. One reader says they put their "hand scrunching [my] hair a little while opening my mouth juuuuuust a little bit."
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Hold your breasts.

If you want to go totally nude, one reader suggested holding your breasts with one arm "for more cleavage and to cover [your] nipples."
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Try Snapchat filters.

You can really let your creativity blossom when sexting on Snapchat, and one reader said they like to use Snapchat filters for sexy photos, too. The dog filter is a not-so-secret airbrushing tool, and the cat with a surgical mask could hide your face if you're trying to be discreet.
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Wear something comfy.

Sometimes you feel sexier wearing the T-shirt you sleep in than you do when you have on elaborate lingerie. "I like wearing a long boyfriend tee and no pants, sometimes glasses and a messy bun," says one reader.