How To Take Better Pics In ANY Situation

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Ever wonder how some folks wind up with museum-worthy photos all the time? Well, it's no easy task, that's for sure. But, since we're all pretty obsessed with nailing the perfect iPhone shot, we thought we'd scoop up the secrets on how you can take your feed to the next level and impress everyone with your sharp skills, too.

You don't have to be an esteemed artist or photographer to know these handy tricks of the trade. We asked the photo pros of Oakland-based VSCO Cam how to nail a dreamy snap in any situation. From using blue as a backdrop to dealing with shadows, this creative intel is too good. Check out the must-bookmark advice along with 20 inspiring VSCO Cam pics. Your feed just got way cooler.
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Kate Sweeney.
Bring Nature Into The Frame
"When taking a portrait, include an element of nature. Tuck some colorful flowers behind your subject’s ear or find leaves for a person to pose with. Not only does it add color, but it gives reference to the place you are exploring or traveling in."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Melody Hansen.
Au naturel.
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Mendy Waits.
Explore New Vantage Points
"While adventuring or enjoying the outdoors, explore new angles to take a photo from. Get high or get low — the change in perspective can sometimes make an ordinary or cliché photo fresh and new."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Nigel Midwinter.
Such great heights.
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Aaron Stearns.
Blue As Background
"You don’t need a studio to have a simple blue backdrop; use the bright sky or water as a backdrop for your subjects. Try posing objects that are colorful and bold in front of these expansive settings to make the content pop."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Ben Puffer.
Feeling blue?
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Kelly Patton.
Try Action Shots
"When the sun is bright, action and movement can be caught at its finest. Your phone uses a higher shutter speed for brighter scenes; therefore, if you photograph someone running, jumping, or splashing in the water, you will be more likely to capture a crisp moment without blur."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Thea Maurtvedt.
Caught in the moment.
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Milena Vuckovic.
Get Close
"Don’t be afraid to get close to your subjects. Try and be aware of subtle details that are only noticeable up close — like how the light and color interact with the texture in the frame. A whole new picture can present itself when you advance further in."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Anthony Tullani.
Up close and personal.
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Carolyn Mara.
Under The Surface
"Get a waterproof case for your mobile device to experiment with underwater shots. When the sun is bright, the lighting can be beautiful under the surface. A couple of great options for an underwater housing to protect your phone are the Catalyst Waterproof case, which can withstand up to around 16 feet submerged, or the slightly more affordable case by Merit, which can protect the phone up to around 6 feet."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Leilani Mitchell.
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Jakub Kapusnak.
On The Trail
"When taking landscape photos during a hike in the middle of the day, the overhead sunlight doesn’t create very dynamic lighting, and it is easy for a scene to look bland. Be patient and wait until the sun goes down and is resting further along the horizon. After dawn or closer to dusk, the sun casts softer light and shadows onto a scene, which provides a more appealing shape and depth to the environment."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Maddy Minnis.
Wait for it...
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Brian Chin.
Embrace Shadows
"Use the shadows cast by bright sunlight to your advantage. Capture interesting shapes projected onto the ground or against walls. Get creative and playful; shadows can be used to add an element of intrigue and interaction to your images."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Rebecca Wood.
Shadow play.
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Gabriele Infranca.
Use Water As An Effect
"Water can be used to create a surreal effect because of the way it distorts and beautifully transfigures whatever is placed beneath it. Try and look for the abstract in everyday things; just ordinary water can produce a dreamlike effect for a scene."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Jenny Louie.
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/Fae.
Shoot Now, Edit Later
"Summer is synonymous with vacation and a laid-back attitude. After capturing authentic, chill, and unposed moments, don’t ruin the vibe by spending nice days editing your photos. When you get home in the evening, then go through all your photos together to edit and then share."
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Photo: Courtesy of VSCO/James Lacroix.
Kick back and enjoy the rays.