Here's The Lazy-Girl Secret To Cleaning Up Nail Polish Screw-Ups

Maybe you're the kind of girl that has mastered the at-home mani and doesn't require tons of clean up afterward (we envy you, by the way). But, if you're anything like us, things don't always go smoothly when you're painting your digits. And maybe you end up with unwanted polish in a lot of places where it shouldn't be. (Confession time: We might have ended up with it in our hair once. Yes, that really happened.)
Lucky for you, our friend Dawn Sterling is about to come to the rescue. The pro manicurist showed us a cool trick for removing any unwanted nail polish that may have strayed outside the lines — and we're sharing it with you. Watch this under-a-minute trick that certainly never occurred to us— and just try not to be wowed. You're welcome.
Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh

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