What Your Carry-On Bag's Contents Say About You

There are about five main types of jet setters out there: You've got the nervous wrecks (including yours truly), the workaholics, the airport early birds, and the messy travelers (you know, the ones who fumble through security with all their belongings and crumpled receipts splaying out of their pockets). Last, but certainly not least, are the posh fliers — the ones who treat the airport like a catwalk, with fanciful bags and killer ensembles. Your airport style says a lot about you, including which types of luggage and accessories should join you on your next vacation. Whether it's a travel wallet to keep you organized (mess-makers, we're looking at you), or a pretty eye mask to get some ZZZs, click ahead to see exactly what you need. Bon voyage!
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The Disorganized Flier
Nowadays, there are plenty of smart items to combat your messy tendencies. For example, the Hipkey buzzes when your phone is too far away (a.k.a. you left it in the bathroom again).
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The Fashionable Flier
Whether it's fashion week or home-for-the-holidays week, you're all about airport style — from head to tote. Your key travel items are luxe necessities with a first-class feel.
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The Nervous Flier
More than anyone else, you need an army of helpful accessories. When turbulence hits, a baseball hat helps hide your Terror Face from onlookers. A carry-on that fits underneath the seat in front of you gives you access to all your items at any time, even when the seatbelt sign is illuminated. A good pair of headphones is the pièce de résistance — the better to zone out with, my dear.
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The Obsessive Flier
You've never missed a flight in your life, and you wear that badge proudly. Plus, you actually like the airport (mostly for the food). For you, it's important to have a maneuverable roller-board bag and a personal item that's hands-free. Since you'll most likely be burning through that phone charge during the hours before you even get onto the plane, a cute external battery is a must.
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The Workaholic Flier
You're all about efficiency, so for you, a tote bag is an essential; you can get your computer, notebook, and glasses out onto your tray table with minimal hassle.

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