Your Space Just Got Bigger — All Thanks To These 7 Accessories

As much as we'd all like to live in open lofts with massive layouts (scenic views included), that's not the reality. Our apartments have funny angles and nooks. Sound familiar? The windows aren't all that big, either. But, most of our furniture is nonnegotiable. We need somewhere to sit and watch TV.
Fortunately, creating an open, inviting environment is in the details, not necessarily in the size of your sofa. Accents can create an expansive mirage. Ahead, seven decor tricks — from untraditional lights to statement stools — to give the illusion that your square footage is higher than the lease states. Think airy, light-filled thoughts, and click on for a more spacious apartment this weekend.
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There's no question that mirrors open up a home and reflect light. You can use these hexagon separates throughout a space or group them all together for more impact.
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A straight, traditional bookshelf with a backing can be cumbersome in a small space. This West Elm shelving unit lets light and air float through.
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Ditching a single overheard fixture in favor of multiple light sources is a surefire way to make any space feel bigger. Add new light to a room with GE’s Link connected bulbs, which sync to the Wink mobile app so you can adjust your lighting from anywhere — your bed, your office, your vacation. And, because they use 80% less power than traditional bulbs, you won't have to change them again for 22 years. Yep, that's how long they can last.
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Adding a touch of yellow will bring the sunshine in, even to a windowless room. "Garden Shapes," an original piece by Malissa Ryder, is inspired by a summer garden scene — exactly where we want to be during the frigid months.
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Do you need one more chair? Probably not. This cheery red stool looks good enough to eat, can work as a side table and a stool, and will add space back to a living room.
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You don't want to see your extra throw blankets, mini steamer, or paperwork piles. We don't either. Cut down visual noise and stash your essential clutter in natural woven baskets.
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Hanging plants from above taps into unused space and brings a sense of life all the way to the ceiling.
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Instead of an industrial black lamp, opt for a clear or colored glass fixture with a white lamp shade. It still stands out, but adds an airy vibe.