How To Dress Like An Adult (Without Trying Too Hard)

If you could wear anything in your closet right now, chances are you’d pick sweats over skirts — and sneakers over stilettos. Thankfully, the #cozygirl movement is reigning supreme this season, with not-meant-for-the-house fleeces, pullovers, and slides replacing their couture counterparts on just about every major designer's runway.
But, there’s an art to pulling off this comfy look (in public and at home) without coming across like a college sophomore. Ahead, our ultimate lazy girl’s guide to dressing like an adult, featuring the must-have pieces needed to look a little more grown-up and a little less sloppy. Comfort never looked so good.
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Throw this non-constricting topper over anything and you'll look effortlessly put-together.
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Rather than just tossing on a classic, white button-down, go for something a little different — with unique details and an asymmetrical hem. It has that no-frills vibe, but gives your look a little something extra.
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Just as easy (and comfy) as slipping into a pair of slippers.
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A higher-quality tee (versus your $5 cotton standby) can be dressed up like that.
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Sure, you could wear your college sweats to bed, but a coordinating set is so much sleeker and just as cozy. You know, in case you get any last-minute houseguests.
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Wear these leggings with a tee in your house and underneath a throw-on dress when you decide to leave.
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When you can't wear sneakers but want something equally simple, ballet flats are key. Go for a pair in patent leather for an upgraded vibe.
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Because comfort should extend to your eyes, too. Give your contacts a break, girl.
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Denim that doesn't give is just not a thing.
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Keep extra-cozy with fleece-lined tights that won't tear when you accidentally run into a Christmas tree.
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These are like the warmest blanket ever, but for your feet.

Free People Desoto Slippers, $88, available at Free People.
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This tote is a great cure for the work-commute blues.
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Nobody wants to wear heels in the rain. Luckily, there are cool boots that look way fancier than the bright-orange galoshes you wore as a child.

Loeffler Randall LR Rain Fenton, $195, available at Loeffler Randall.
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We all have those days when sunglasses are just necessary — for rays and/or hangovers. Pop on a sleek pair that looks rad, even if you're just wearing them indoors.
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Why "do" your hair when you can just ponytail it with a really cute tie?
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Sweatpants look way more put-together with a skinnier leg. These are a far cry from the jumbo styles you wore in college.
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The perfect indoor-outdoor hat for when your hair just doesn't work.
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Sure, a blazer may seem like workwear, but when you think about it, it's really just an easy, light jacket with endless styling capabilities. One button, and your graphic tee is suddenly fancy.
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Who needs jewelry when you've got a nice watch with a colorful band?
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A moto means instantly looking cooler than all your friends.

The Arrivals Wren Matte Biker, $685, available at The Arrivals.
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On those days when you just can't fathom leaving your apartment, a snuggly long-underwear set pairs perfectly with a bowl of chips and your couch. (This duo works great as a base layer, too, for when you do want to head out in the storm.)

Patagonia Midweight Crew Long Underwear, $55, available at Patagonia; Patagonia Midweight Crew Long Underwear, $55, available at Patagonia.
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It's time to upgrade the tattered robe you've had since your high school graduation.
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This soft turtleneck is slightly classier than holing up in your cubicle with a fuzzy blanket.
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Pop these on and never take them off; it doesn't get any lazier than that.
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Sweatshirts aren't just for the sofa — provided you go for a high-concept style with graphic elements.
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You don't even have to bend down to tie these. Plus, the pony-hair fabric makes this silhouette feel more luxe.
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Not in the mood to fully accessorize? This sleek choker with an eye-catching bead detail lets you skip everything else.
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Stay extra toasty with a super-soft beanie.
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Elevate your upper half with an on-trend houndstooth-print scarf — and use it as a makeshift blanket when you need a nap.
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A T-shirt dress with simple tights is the closest you'll get to wearing nothing to work.

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