How To Layer For Your Too-Cold Office

You just can't win when it comes to office air conditioning. I'm not sure if offices blast the AC because it increases alertness and productivity, or because it's hot as hell outside, or just because the powers that be like to see their employees shiver. Whatever the reason, if you're going to answer emails without your hands going numb, you'll have to layer up accordingly. It's all about the right pieces that can pull on or peel off, depending on the temperature of your cube (because we all know the central air will break the day you decide to wear a sweater).

Fortunately, layering for work is simple and generally looks really chic. The right outerwear can take a plain button-up and black pants from corporate to cool girl. From longline blazers to cute printed scarves, the picks ahead are pretty rad additions to your wardrobe. And you'll get double the wear out of these layering pieces come fall.
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A black moto jacket goes with just about everything, and you can wear it out to happy hour.
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A lightweight trench is a chic layer over both dresses and separates.
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Keep a light scarf at your desk to throw over your shoulders when it gets chilly. Opt for a fairly neutral color palette, so you don't look too mismatched if a client happens to stop by.
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A great layering piece shouldn't hide the rest of your outfit. A blazer-style vest is office-appropriate without taking over your entire look.
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A soft striped pullover is a French-girl-approved way to stay cozy in your desk chair. Equally cool worn like a sweatshirt over your button-up or layered under your sleeveless dress.
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If you do want a full-on hoodie to keep at your desk, choose one that looks streamlined and modern instead of frumpy.
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An oversized cardigan basically feels like you're wearing a blanket, without looking like it.
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Instead of an oversized hoodie, try a super-soft, textured bomber in an unexpected hue.
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Everyone should have a trusty denim jacket — it makes a great over-the-shoulder layer at work.
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On rainy, wet days, this army-inspired trench will keep you warm and dry all day long, inside and out.
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Go to great lengths in a long-line blazer that just screams "girl boss."
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If you're wearing short shorts or a skirt, a long vest over a top can give you some extra leg coverage.
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Invest in a super-soft long-sleeved tee to layer with your favorite dresses and jumpers.
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Cozy levels through the roof.
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Mr. Rogers would be proud.
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Layer a cropped sweater over a silky button-up for a playful look that gives you an extra boost of cozy.