Pros Fix Our Worst Eyeliner Mistakes

Here at Refinery29, we have a few staffers with signature eye looks they wear on the daily. Let’s be clear: These women all look ace when they come to work. But, we thought they might be up for a fresh challenge. That’s why we recruited makeup artist Kelvin Dumé to teach them a few new tricks to try in place of their standard routines.

Kelvin got to work showing them new products and techniques, as well as explaining how liner could help alter their eye shapes to create completely different looks. He showed one winged-liner devotee how to rock a smudged underliner moment, and took a standard cat-eye to epic proportions. Check out the videos ahead to see the eyeliner upgrades happen before your very eyes.

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Alyssa: Snipping The Wing
Alyssa is known to rock a flawless winged liner. As she showed Kelvin, she clearly has her technique worked out, executing a flawless flick in a matter of seconds — no Q-tips or makeup remover required. “This is a really great look for her,” Kelvin said. “But, since she does it every day, I want to show her a completely different look that still elongates her eye the way she likes it, but adds a little edge.”

This called for kohl in place of her typical liquid, and a whole lot of smudging along the bottom lashline. “But, we kept the general idea of the flick, by extending the line ever so slightly and diffusing that color,” Kelvin said. “Overall, instead of widening the eye like the flick, this gives her more of an almond shape.” It’s a different vibe, and would go nicely with a leather jacket and ripped jeans for nighttime.
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Jocelyn: Product Lesson
Jocelyn isn’t big into makeup, which she explained before she even sat down. But, she understands the value of a little black around the eyes, which is why she lightly dusts a little eyeshadow along her top lashline before walking out the door every morning. “She definitely doesn’t want something that’s going to take too much time, so she needs a product that’s easy and quick to use,” Kelvin said.

That’s why he swapped her powder shadow for a black, long-wear eye pencil. “We just wiggled it in-between the lashes to define and enhance her eyes, and then smudged it out with a brush — but she can honestly use her fingers if she’s in a hurry,” he said. After, he traced the application with a little bit of navy eyeshadow, for an added special something. “I also recommend keeping Q-tips on hand for any eye novice, so you can blur the lines and erase imperfections.”
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Alison: From Kitten Flick To Tiger’s Eye
Alison came to set so prepared, she brought her own liquid eyeliner to show Kelvin a thing or two. “She’s been doing this for a while,” Kelvin says. “You can tell she knows her stuff.”

For Alison's slightly downturned eyes, her upward flick added major impact. But, that didn’t mean she couldn’t learn a thing or two. For example, Kelvin points out, curling your eyelashes first will allow you to achieve the perfect angle for your liner to elongate and widen your gaze even further. "Alison can really go for it with this look, so I wanted to give her that Amy Winehouse effect,” Kelvin says. “With her hair and the right lipstick, it just looks so cool.”
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