A Foundation Spirit Quest, Or Why Can't I Find Face Makeup I Like?

Oh, foundation. So essential, yet the perfect formula always feels just out of reach. I'm completely devoted to my Tarte BB Cream for days when my skin already looks okay and just needs a finishing touch. But, this hasn't really been the winter for skin that looks fine on its own. And, the impending change of seasons certainly isn't going to help much — hi, redness from allergies.
So, rather than wait around for disaster, I decided it was time to find a foundation that could save my face. There have been a ton of new face-makeup launches recently, and I tried a whole pile of them. Each boasts a different miracle — but which would be The One? My quest, ahead.

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I was super intrigued by the "mousse" texture of this foundation. It's kind of like a solidified liquid foundation, if that makes sense, and it feels silky and luxurious to the touch. It's full coverage, which I was looking for. I had to apply it by pushing a Beauty Blender into it, because the texture made it so I couldn't get enough on my foundation brush, and I didn't really want to stick my grubby paws into it. The foundation goes on like a dream, but the full-coverage aspect turned out to be a little too heavy for me. So, not The One for right now, but definitely a great option for emergencies.
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Philosophy's foundation claims to literally work miracles, so I had pretty high hopes. It's an anti-aging foundation, meaning it's skin care and makeup in one. The texture of this is really creamy and the coverage is awesome. I suppose, though, that in my mid-twenties I don't really need an anti-aging foundation, and I found that it sort of sat on my face rather than settling in my skin — which would be great if I had a ton of wrinkles that I didn't want foundation getting into. But, since I'm not quite there yet, this didn't do the trick for me. Ask me again in five years, though.
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Okay, so this CC cream isn't technically a foundation, but trying it out was part of my journey. The formula is supposed to even out your skin tone while increasing luminosity. I tried the Illuminate shade, and it's kind of amazing. Once you spread it out, it becomes translucent, while balancing out redness. It wouldn't cover up a pimple or dark circles, but takes care of my splotchy areas like nobody's business — and, the best part is that I can see my actual skin through it. Cool, right? I used a translucent powder over it just because it was a little shinier than I like to be. In conclusion, this is going to be amazing when I don't have any zits or under-eye bags to hide. But, I'm looking for a foundation that does all of that and more, so I must continue on.
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This is it: My foundation soul mate. It disappears instantly into my skin, and sets to a dewy finish that looks like my face only better. It's full coverage without ever getting cake-y. In fact, the coverage is so good that I don't need to use concealer with it, which is ideal. And, it's moisturizing, with ocean minerals and nutrients, so I don't need to wear a moisturizer underneath it. I'm not sure where it's been all my life, but now that I've found it, I don't plan to ever be caught without it. Quest complete.

YoungBlood Liquid Mineral Foundation, $49, available at YoungBlood.
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