Party Hacks Every 20-Something Should Know

You never really need a reason to throw a good party — but the prep and cleanup might beg some justification. In the interest of fostering hassle-free fetes, we offer up these tricks and tips that make any gathering a breeze — from easy ice cubes for frosty cocktails to the best way to roast a chicken. So go ahead, invite everyone over for dinner.

The One Hack To Decorating Cakes

Congratulations, you baked a cake! Now what? If you're not up for pastry tips and homemade buttercream, the best way to decorate a cake might be to make your own stencils. Cut them out on paper, or use lace doilies, and sprinkle powdered sugar or sprinkles over the top of the cake, using the stencils to create a pattern. Voilà — an Instagram-ready dessert.