Why Your Apartment Needs A Landing Strip (And How To Create One)

After a long day of working hard, being jostled on the subway, and just generally being awesome, all you want to do when you finally get home is relax. But, it’s kinda hard to achieve a sense of true calm when you have all of the day's tasks staring you in the face. The bright yellow purse, the laptop in the printed designer case, the bags of miscellaneous work stuff, all that stuff that's splayed across your coffee table or seated right next to you on the sofa is reminding you of all the things that still need to be done.
This is why it's entirely critical to create an entryway in your apartment or home, regardless of whether or not you think you have the room for it or not (hint: you do!). Leave your day at the door and enjoy your evening in peace! With a combination of the following three decorative and functional furniture items, you'll be well on your way to true apartment zen.
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Hang Out — This can be accomplished with simple coat hooks or a coat stand, but make sure you don't go overboard with them. When all your stuff is hanging off a coat rack, it can easily turn into a coat monster.

Crate and Barrel Easley Coat Rack, $369, available at Crate and Barrel.
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Console Kit — A narrow console provides a place to immediately drop off all the stuff that you have in your hands, the moment you walk in door. For double-duty lovers, it can also work as a wet bar or buffet for parties!

Durham Console Table, $349, available at Ballard Designs.
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Bench Mark — If your space doesn't fit a console, opt for a little stool to hold your books and magazines. Since it's low, it won't compete with your coat hooks for space.

Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie
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Bowled Over — Keep a pretty collection of bowls near your entryway, to deposit keys, business cards, loose change, and whatever other miscellany you have in your pockets.

Bono Bowls, $50, available at Design House Stockholm.
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Check You Out — It’s always necessary to get one last look at yourself before you head off to work. No need for a full-length; A small, hanging mirror suffices!

Dwell Raw Mirror, $175, available at Dwell.