Party Hacks Every 20-Something Should Know

You never really need a reason to throw a good party — but the prep and cleanup might beg some justification. In the interest of fostering hassle-free fetes, we offer up these tricks and tips that make any gathering a breeze — from easy ice cubes for frosty cocktails to the best way to roast a chicken. So go ahead, invite everyone over for dinner.

Clean Wine Glasses — Without Breaking Them

Photographed by Danny Kim; Style by Ali Nardi.
Beautiful glassware is an excellent accessory for any party, but cleaning it afterward can be a pain. Professionals will recommend polishing wine glasses with a cloth for a crystal-clear effect, but in real life, you just want them dry and stainless.

The trick? Don't even bother hand drying your glasses. After washing them with hot water, place the glasses upside down on a cooling rack or oven rack. If you don't have either, simply place the glasses upside down on two chopsticks. Once they're dry, polish up the edge of the glasses, and you're done.