Read This Before Changing Up Your Skin-Care Routine

In theory, switching up your skin-care routine should be a walk in the park. You swap out your old stash for a cutting-edge new cleanser, moisturizer, and retinol serum — and suddenly you look like a glowier, more even-toned version of yourself. Boom. That's the dream. Sadly, though, that's rarely the case.

You see, changing up your skin-care regimen — if not executed properly — can actually trigger your complexion to freak out. We're talking far-from-fun reactions like peeling, sandpaper-like dryness, and redness (basically, all the stuff you want to steer clear of).

So, to help you safely shift your regimen sans the backlash, we enlisted three board-certified dermatologists to serve up their expert advice on the matter. Keep on clicking for the rundown — something tells us next time you'll think twice before trying three new products at once.