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6 New Ways To Get The Red Out

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    We pay a lot of attention to how we adorn our eyes. In an era of lash extensions, lace-front brows, eyelid bling, and kaleidoscopic makeup, the "windows to our soul" have become the canvas for makeup artists and bathroom impresarios alike to unleash their creativity, uploading their masterpieces to Instagram, Tumblr, and blogs. The pictures go viral, and so do the trends.

    So, what’s the next big trend for eyes? Brace yourself: 2014 is going to be the year of products and services that make the eyes themselves look whiter to enhance those makeup looks. We can thank the recent interest in the beauty rituals of women in Asia for this influx of eye-whitening treatments, wares, and potions.

    While skin-tone evening and brightening products have been de rigeur in the Western market, outside of allergy drops, most of us don't think of eye whitening as part of a regular beauty routine. But, the Eastern aesthete aims to create a flawless base in order to get the best results from the products you use later. This goes for skin and, apparently, eyes.

    It might seem extreme to put so much focus on the whites of your eyes, but many of these products and treatments can have other benefits as well — eliminating puffiness, bags, dark circles, and sagging lids, to name a few. Plus, with the extreme pollen counts we've been experiencing, who among us isn't looking for some way to rectify our dry, itchy, swollen, red eyes?

    Ahead, check out the latest products aimed at adding some sparkle to your eyes. Quite the flash of brilliance, we'd say.

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