Spend Less Time On Your Hair, More Time In Bed

It's not quite glove weather yet — but the days are shorter, the temps are dropping, and winter is rapidly approaching. While cold weather absolutely has its charms, leaving the house with wet hair is not one of them. This time of year, a morning shower should mean a morning blowdry as well.

What about sleeping in, you say? We know the snooze button is your friend. So we've gathered some tips and tricks that will help expedite your DIY blowout and let you leave the house with a dry head of hair, yet still savor some extra minutes in bed. We talked to some of the best stylists in the business to find out the tools, products, and techniques that will accelerate your drying time and make your hair look better in the process.
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Starting with sopping wet hair when you're in a hurry is a common error, says Juan Rosenlind, cofounder of the renowned Stockholm salon Sachajuan. “If you start to blowdry the hair wet, then you have to spend 10 minutes just to get it ready for really blowdrying,” he says. Not only is this a waste of time, but putting that much heat on your hair can be damaging.

Instead, when you get out of the shower, wring out moisture with a towel, advises Rosenlind. Then, finger-comb your hair to get some air in there and use your hands to shape it into the look you’re ultimately trying to achieve. Move on to your skin care and makeup, get dressed, and then go back to blowdrying.

Stylist Lizzy Weinberg from Pas de Deux in New York City agrees that a super-wet head won’t get you anywhere fast. She also advises to wait until your head is drier to apply product. “Don't apply product until hair is completely towel-dried, then comb it through with a wet brush or wide-tooth comb. It's super-important to make sure [any product] is evenly distributed through the hair. That way, it can work evenly and thoroughly.”
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Even if you want smooth waves or straight strands, you don't have to spend the whole time styling with a round brush. Getting in there and rough-drying first will help speed things along — don't worry, this isn’t as abrasive of a technique as it sounds.

When rough-drying, Weinberg says to always prep with a thermal protector, like Shu Uemura Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Thermo-Milk or Kérastase Ciment Thermique. Then, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to shape hair while you dry upward for a big and bouncy look or downward for a sleek style, until your hair is about 75% dry.

“Then, go in with a boar-bristle round brush for some last-minute smoothing and styling,” she says. “Smooth out any flyaways with a good serum, but avoid [applying serum] too close to the root, so your blowdry lasts longer.”
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Products meant to speed up the blowdrying process are flooding the market. “There are a bunch of great ones out there these days,” says Weinberg. "I love Oribe Royal Blowout; aside from aiding you in finishing faster, your blowdry will last longer. It also leaves no residue in the hair, so it will feel healthier with each use." Shu Uemura’s Straightforward Time-Saving Blow Dry Oil spray is another product she likes — it features the same gliding agents as makeup foundation.

For textured or curly-haired girls, Ricky Pennisi, stylist and owner of Atelier Country Salon and Spa and founder of the RICI product line, suggests No Inhibition's Smoothing Cream. He uses it in his salon and says it’s “fantastic, and we’ve seen a huge change in drying time.”
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Using the right tools will take several minutes off your routine. Rosenlind says he almost always starts a blowout using a vent brush to speed drying time, because it promotes more airflow.

Pennisi suggests using a ceramic brush because of the way they conduct heat and their efficiency. His favorite: the highly coveted boar-bristle Mason Pearson.

You may not put too much thought into your actual blowdryer, but you should. Trust us, above everything else, a good one can make all the difference. The Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 is one of the fastest on the market. The supremely light (considering its power), mint-green tool will likely cut your blowdry time in half. The ghd Air Professional Performance Hairdryer and the Supersolano are also great for quicker, smoother blowdrying. These are all a little more expensive than average, but think of all the time you'll save. As they say, time is money.
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After you’ve let your hair air-dry a bit and applied your products, divide it into four sections; from the middle of the forehead back and from ear to ear. Hold them in place with clips. Blowdry the bottom portion first, pulling out small sections as you go. Though it seems more time-consuming, this is a much more efficient way to blowdry than trying to tackle your whole head at once.
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If you really want that extra sleep, you can always blowdry the night before. “What I tell my clients who have no time is, 'Do as much as you can at night and sleep on it,'" says Pennisi. "It’s a lot easier to recycle your hair the next day than to try to do a half-ass blowout.”

After sleeping on your style, use a very light detangler or conditioning spray to reactivate it. “Go over it with a brush, a blowdryer, and a flat iron to keep the shape — you’ll get a few days out of it,” says Pennisi.
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This is more of a long-term goal. The better overall condition your hair is in, the easier and faster it’ll be to dry. “If your hair is holding on to moisture, or taking forever to dry, it’s due to lack of [moisture],” says Weinberg. She recommends doing deep-conditioning treatments weekly or monthly (depending on the state of dehydration).

Pennisi concurs. “Every time you get a color or cut, get a good conditioning treatment because it’s going to make your hair a lot healthier and make blowdrying at home a lot more efficient.”

Weinberg says keratin treatments are also an effective fix. “For coarse, dry, or unruly hair, the treatment will cut your blowdry time in half for months.”
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