Baked Chicken Will Get You To Homemade Dinner In As Little As 20 Minutes

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Chicken is one of those infinitely adaptable staples in an omnivore's diet. You can season it with just about any spice and toss it in with pastas, grains, or salads to add protein to dishes or make a side the main course. But, unlike other kinds of meats, chicken has to be cooked all the way through. After all, when was the last time you ordered a chicken medium rare? (Sorry for that mental image.)
But, when we aim for well-done chicken, it's easy to go too far and just get dry chicken instead. Which is why baking is one of our favorite ways to prep it — not only is it less messy than grilling or pan-frying, it also lets the chicken cook at a consistent temperature that's less likely to overcook part of the bird while another part remains raw. It's a dish even an amateur chef can pull off with the right recipe.
Ahead, eight baked chicken recipes that you can perfect tonight, in as little as 20 minutes.
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Baked Chicken Breasts
A basic baked chicken recipe is a great building block for future packed lunches and easy dinners. Brining it and rubbing with seasoning keeps it from being bland.

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Southern Baked Chicken
Classic deep-fried chicken is delicious — but actually frying it can be time-consuming and messy. This chicken gives you the same flavor with a lot less fuss.

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Baked Popcorn Chicken
These are breaded in potato chips — yup, potato chips — for a salty, savory crunch.

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Baked Chicken Pesto Parmesan
Adding a good store-bought pesto and a generous sprinkling of melty mozzarella makes this a perfect easy weeknight meal in minutes.

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Sundried Tomato, Spinach, & Cheese Stuffed Chicken
Stuffed chicken breasts are also ideal baked, since the low, steady heat of the oven allows the filling to get ooey and gooey without overcooking the meat.

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Garlic Sesame Broccoli Robe With Panko Crusted Chicken
A simple panko-crushed chicken breast or strips make a great topping for salad or roast veggies.

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Sticky Garlic Chicken & Broccoli
This recipe uses a homemade Asian-inspired sauce, but any favorite jarred sauce would taste good as a finisher for the baked chicken.

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Salt Baked Chicken
This baked chicken dish is a multi-day process but yields a tender, delicious, and juicy bird that is best finished with some chopped scallion.

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