We Grill The New MTV House Of Style Hosts (Trust Us, You'll Love Them!)

Karlie Kloss already has a hefty resumé — with her seemingly endless string of campaigns and her close relationship with nearly every name in the business — but she (along with her pal Joan Smalls) now have a very special new addition to their C.V.: Hosts of one of fashion's most iconic television programs.
When MTV set about relaunching its ultimate sartorial showcase House Of Style, it had awfully large shoes to fill. Cindy Crawford was full of spunk and grace, the true hybrid of a poised hostess but also a genuine participant, giving a real, legit backstage glimpse at the world of fashion so few Americans had (until then) ever seen. Very few could step up to the high bar she set. But luckily, with the announcement of their new hosts, MTV is hopping to revive and recast the show.
The duo (who are bubbling with ideas and quick to finish each other's sentences) gave us the inside scoop on what to expect with them behind the camera, and let us be the first to say: It appears HOS is going back to its roots.
There is such a tradition of mixing different style icons from different cultural niches. Can you tell me, what designer and unexpected personality would you love to bring together?
Karlie: "Oh! I can think of so many. What about you, Joan?"
Joan: "Wait, what do you mean?"
Karlie: "Mash-ups! Like, what designer and what artist do you think it would be fun to mash up?"
Joan: "Man, I would love to see Ricardo (Tisci) and Kanye West sit down together."
Karlie: But they know each other, I think. Right? Remember that time we were together after Kanye's show, and you, me, and Ricardo were all dancing on the tables? That was Kanye's show, right? In Paris?"
Joan: "Yeah! But it would still be fun. You know who I'd like to see? Adele."
Karlie: "Maybe we could have Stella McCartney, and take it from a British perspective?"
We heard a rumor once that Adele was more punk rock. What if you got someone unexpected, like Vivienne Westwood?
Karlie:"See! We need ideas from people. When you post this, can you let people know to tweet at us? We want ideas!"
Photo: John Shearer/Invision for MTV
Okay, which classic House of Style guest would you most like to channel? '90s Gwen Stefani, Salt-N-Pepa, or Cindy Crawford?
Joan: "Spice Girls!"
Karlie: "You can't choose Spice Girls! Were they a guest?"
Think so.
Karlie: "Well, I would choose Cindy Crawford. Especially those first, original Cindy episodes, where it was very home-made looking. Everything seemed so raw, and so real. It was so inspired by music, street style, art, and everything around the people who were making it. House Of Style seemed to be the one thread that was connecting everything in those early episodes. It showed exactly what was going on backstage. It was the first time something like that happened."
What sort of advantages do you think being a pair will bring to hosting the show?
Joan: "The dynamic between Karlie and myself! We get to work a lot together and I think that dynamic really shows. People should see that"
Karlie: "Yeah, Joan and I...we are both very young, but we have done a lot. And we know each other very well and have a sense of camaraderie."
Obviously. Can you fill us in on what is going to happen? What guests might we see? Do you have any insight you can share?
Karlie: "Well, we are going to make the announcement, and hopefully we can use this New York Fashion Week to get people involved. We want to know what the people want!"
Joan: "Careful, soon we'll be running for president."
Karlie, we have to ask because we've heard that you guys were pals: Are you going to have Ryan Lochte come hang out with you? What do you think of his appearance at NYFW? Any tips for him?
Karlie: "Oh! We should interview him for Fashion's Night Out. That might be cool. He might be a good person for us to talk to, Joan."
Joan: "Yeah. Fashion week is like a giant reunion for us. It's the first time we've all seen each other since..."
Karlie: "Couture?"
Joan: "Yeah, so we have lots to catch up on."
Karlie: "We should interview to him. He's a great guy, and I bet it would be funny. Hey! You guys have to tell us what you want to see! Tweet at us, okay?"
Got it!
Let Karlie and Joan know what you want to see by hitting them up on their Twitter handles. Your idea might just go down in House Of Style history...
Photo: John Shearer/Invision for MTV

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