You Won't Believe What These Stunning Hotels Were Converted From

Dining and shopping may take up a big chunk of our schedules when we're on vacation, but where we lay our heads at night matters a great deal, too. Sometimes, the hotel is the destination.
Since accommodation is an integral element that can make or break a trip, those hotels with rich backstories and swoon-worthy decor often end up at the top of our travel bucket list. And, nothing impresses us more than resorts that were brilliantly converted from historic establishments. Click ahead for nine gems, from bullfighting rings to brothels, with mesmerizing past lives that rival the buildings on your monuments list.
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Bullfighting Ring: Quinta Real Zacatecas

The 19th-century San Pedro bullring in Mexico is now a popular venue for weddings.
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Convent: El Convento

The storied hotel in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, was converted from a convent that dates back more than 350 years.
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Prison: Liberty Hotel

The Boston landmark boasts an incarceration-themed bar decorated with famous mugshots of the likes of Frank Sinatra and Mel Gibson.
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Fortress: Pousada De São Tiago

The secluded resort in Macau, China, was once a fortress and military checkpoint. Dozens of cannons were stored to fight off European armies and pirates.
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School: The College Hotel

A campus building in Amsterdam's fashion district was converted to one of the chicest nightlife spots in the party capital.
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Brothels, Stables, and Cottages: Sextantio

Not your average hotel, this Italian inn goes back to the Middle Ages. The 29-room establishment was repurposed from various shepherds' shelters — and yes, even a brothel.
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Train Station: Nashville Union Station Hotel

The train terminal opened in 1900 and slowly deteriorated through the years. By the 1960s, it had largely turned into a habitat for pigeons. Things looked up after investors expressed interest in transforming the station into a hotel, and it's now one of the most-recognized buildings in the Music City.
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Bank: The Renaissance Denver

This posh resort in downtown Denver kept all its original murals and bank vaults dating from the 1920s.
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Post Office And Hospital: The Fullerton Hotel

The gorgeous structure at Singapore's Fullerton Hotel has led several fascinating lives: It was once used as government headquarters, a hospital during World War II, and the General Post Office building.