9 Things I Would Buy If I Didn't Have To Pay Rent

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Sup, guys. I know what you're thinking: It's real, real hot outside. Unbearably hot. So hot that synthetic fabrics are sticking to my ribcage like Saran wrap. Even the hot gush of subway wind can't unglue this one polyester thing I have from my body. It's gross.

Anyway, tricks of the trade (trade being: staying sane in this heat and trying to catch every breeze) include natural fabrics (cotton, silk), near-nakedness, and planning lots of trips to the beach. Here's a roundup of clothes, shoes, and bathing suits that will hopefully make this oppressive August blaze a little more chill.
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When not sweating isn't an option, but you have to go somewhere somewhat nice: Enter the low-back slip dress.

Vintage Silk Maxi Dress, $70, available at Grammar Company.
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It's sequined so it's good for night time, but it's light pink so it's appropriate for daytime? Wear to your hard-partying friend's baby shower.

Zara Sequined Dress, $49.90, available at Zara.
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Toes need to breathe, too, man.

Mansur Gavriel Single Strap Suede Slip-on Sandals, $375, available at Opening Ceremony.
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Dilemma: Finding a bathing suit that doesn't look like the one you had in sixth grade that also unties easily for zero tan lines and/or topless beach opportunities. Solution: this guy.

Shaina Mote Atlantica Bikini Top, $95, available at Shaina Mote.
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Sometimes I see things and think, This will definitely make my life better, before thinking, I will wear this once before it spends the rest of eternity in my closet.

Givenchy Vintage Flower Print Jumpsuit, $1,009.27, available at FarFetch.
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Does anyone else see this ad on Instagram 10 times a day? How do they know that I love this bag?

Cult Gaia Gaias Art, $98, avaialable at Cult Gaia.
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I do love the heat tipping point that hovers around 87 degrees, when everyone is naked, and no one cares.

Deep Water Vintage Solid Black Backless Tie Shirt, $40, available at Deep Water Vintage.
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Just went from Palm Springs (116 degrees) to L.A. (92 degrees) to NYC (90 degrees). This is what I should have packed instead of a suede skirt.

Hunter The Label Miranda Silk Camisole, $145.91, available at Hunter the Label.
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It's a mule. It's a kitten heel. It's pink. It's all of this season's most popular trends in one shoe.

Chanel Leather Cap-top Mules, $310, available at TheRealReal.

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